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Get More Done – Interrupt Your Interruptions

Constant interruptions reduce focus and effectiveness. Learn how the human brain handles interruptions (poorly) and how to work more effectively by stemming their flow.

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How To Promote Your eCommerce Brand On TikTok

Source   If you own an eCommerce business, there’s no better time to promote your brand than now.  TikTok, one of the most popular social media apps on the market, might be just the platform to turn you into an online sensation.  TikTok has taken the world by storm with its compelling video-sharing features.  Not only…

Top Recruitment Techniques To Increase Employee Retention

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash Imagine this: you find the best candidate for a job opening in your business. Everything is going perfectly well until they quit. You may not see anything wrong until it becomes frequent. The inability of an organization to retain its staff shows poor employee retention — the ability…

Financial Aspects of a Business Coaching Career

People and companies are ranged into different segments when it comes to capital and money. Many companies fall on the verge of bankruptcy and have no clue what the reason is behind such a downturn in the company. They will eventually seek assistance and It is unsurprising to encounter in wealthy countries specializations that take…

What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

Starting a business and making it a success takes a unique skillset and a certain creative and risk-orientated mind to spot an opportunity and go for it. It is certainly not for everyone. Having the available resources to start a new venture does not mean it will necessarily lead to success. The determination to achieve…

Eight Ways You Can Support Non-profits in 2022

image source There are multiple things you can do to support non-profit causes today. To find out more about the different ways you can help out non-profits, here’s our essential guide to ways you can support non-profits in 2022.   Getting Creative with Your Fundraising Ideas During Coronavirus, where people across the globe had to…

Why Is 2022 The Right Time To Build Your Own App

These days, there is an app for everything, and it can seem like a market that is overcrowded and impossible to break into. However, it is still possible to positively stand out in this ever-growing crowd with the right idea at your disposal. Moreover, every year, there are different opinions about which apps are best…

Thriving in Ongoing Change

And we can create whole new pathways, new structures and frameworks constantly. This neuroplasticity requires the crucial ingredients of time and intention.   Typically in unexpected change, we go through various phases including: Shock |  a sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience | “What is this?” Denial | looking for evidence it is not…

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4 Strategies for Hiring Bilingual Employees

Source The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and so should your company. In order to remain competitive, you need to keep pace by hiring writers that will spek the language of your consumers. By investing in bilingual employees who are able to speak and understand the changing trends you are enabling your content…

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Seven Winning Habits to Practice in 2022

Want your organization to win in 2022? Start by practicing these winning habits.

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GBG: The Acronym that Works

Many acronyms are negative and self-inhibiting. They stop us from pondering possibilities or alternatives. Here’s one that will switch your thinking from negative to positive.

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Are you playing to win…to achieve excellence?

Your #1 job as a leader is to create a compelling vision of winning

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Are you curious? Is your organization?

Curiosity: a strong desire to know or learn something

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Teach Employees the Business of your Business

Your employees are making decisions right now. How do they now the best ones if they don’t know the business of your business?

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Transparent thinking

To make this a reality, leaders need to develop transparent thinking in themselves and their team members.

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Are you clear on success in 2021?

  Roger Bannister set out to become the first athlete to break the four-minute mile. “Experts” told him it was impossible.  Some even suggested he was risking death; doctors told him his heart would explode! Not only did Bannister not die, but the week after he broke the barrier another runner followed in his footsteps,…

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Are You Preparing to Win in 2021 or Just Continuing to Work Hard?

No doubt 2020 was a challenging year in so many ways. Whether you were busier than you ever dreamed because market conditions changed in your favor, or you were shut down, had supply chains completely disrupted, or found your customers were negatively impacted, 2020 tested us at work. And that doesn’t even begin to cover…

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Top Workforce Issues

Effective business management requires balancing the big picture with the details.

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Lead the Possible, Not the Probable

Today’s uncertain and volatile business landscape calls for new ways of thinking and working. So why do most companies attempt to solve problems and manage massive change in the wrong manner? A lot of it has to do with the way the human brain works. Our brains love certainty and predictability. So when faced with…

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The Next Next

Individual and organizational brains in constant, unexpected change If you are like many, you were certain in April that by June we would see a settling in to the ‘new normal’.  And then in May, once again, many of us were sure that by the end of June, our norms would be reset, and we…

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Keeping Employees Connected

During times of uncertainty, human beings seek community and safety, and many find it in the workplace. Work typically provides a much-needed sense of stability and control over at least one aspect of our lives when everything else has gone topsy-turvy. Yet, millions of people have lost their jobs, either temporarily or permanently, due to…

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Executing with Excellence in Uncertainty

Why is it so hard to keep up with the pace of change these days? Some ascribe it to the overwhelming amount of information we try to process every day. Others point to the rapid pace of change. Both are partly to blame. But the primary reason is our brains were not constructed to work…

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How to Use Your Brain During Unexpected Change

The human brain is an amazing tool. But there’s one thing it doesn’t handle very well – change. Especially change of the magnitude brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody saw this virus coming, but it has turned our world upside down. Our challenge as leaders is how we respond to it – a task…

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Strategic Agility – 3 keys to getting clear in ambiguity

In today’s hyper-paced and chaotic world, few things are more important to success than the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes in external forces, market conditions, or customer needs. Whether the disruption comes from a pandemic, the introduction of a new technology, a new competitor that nobody saw coming, or drastic changes in economic…

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Why We Need Adversity

Are you feeling like everything is out of control; like you can’t imagine a successful future right now; like the wheels keep falling off the bus over and over again; like the other shoe is about to drop… When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s an old cliché. And like most clichés,…

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