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6 Ways to Create a Stress-Free Parking Experience at Work



What if we tell you that people in the U.S., on average, spend around  17 hours a year looking for parking spots? 

The number is alarming; needless to say, your employees are indefinitely among these people.  

Imagine a frustrated employee checking in for work at the office because it took them a long time to find a parking spot. This employee starting is less likely to be as productive as they usually would. No business would want the stress of parking to bog down an employee’s work day. Moreover, you are responsible for minimizing your employees’ stress as a business. 

While you likely have a parking space for your office site, it would still be causing problems you may need to be aware of. This article focuses on six ways to make the parking space a stress-free experience for your employees and enhance employee satisfaction. Let’s take a dig at it. 


Go for parking management solutions 

If you look in the market, almost all parking management software tells you how they can transform your car park overnight. So of the available parking management solutions, understanding which solution is beneficial to your business is key. Navigating a parking management solution that works for you could take some research and trial and error. 

Of all parking management solutions available, going for general parking management software is wise. Especially if you’re a growing business with a tight budget, generic parking management software will work. It’ll help gather and analyze data. Even if you invest in software that lets you view the parking space and gives the employees data about the number of empty and full spots, it’ll reduce the parking hassle. 

Many parking Iot management software providers focus on integrating with parking hardware to take parking management a notch higher. This includes gates, license plate recognition, and parking sensors. However, that asks the business to loosen its budget. 

All in all, parking management software lets you: 

  • Alleviate traffic 
  • Help enforce workplace parking policy 
  • Improve employee satisfaction 
  • Optimize usage of parking space 

Identify critical issues you currently face in parking efficiently and also look into your budget. Skim through to find the solution that best suits your requirements. 


Implement a parking policy 

When a business tries to enforce efficiency in the workforce, it is bound to face some challenges along the way. So the best way to minimize these pitfalls is to implement a policy. 

When you enforce a workplace parking policy, it automatically aggravates the gravity of the matter, even in the minds of your employees. They will take it more seriously and work toward a seamless operation of the business and mobility management. However, ensure the policy solely focuses on curbing the parking-related hassle and seamless parking. 

An intelligent parking system helps you enforce workplace parking policies much more quickly. Automated parking management and mobile phone integrations also help minimize animosity and dissatisfaction among employees in the workplace. 

A policy aids companies in, 

  • Reducing assistance in car parking management 
  • Enhancing the everyday life of employees
  • Improving overall business efficiency

A policy doesn’t just save time by offering stress-free parking but also provides equal parking options. This way, you make it essential for your employees to be responsible for their parking habits and increase overall efficiency.


Identify spots with the lowest and greatest traffic 



If you cannot afford to buy proper parking management software, go for the basic one with which you can attach sensors. With the help of sensor data, you can determine which parking spots or areas have the lowest or most significant traffic. Through this data, facility owners can decide if or where additional parking spots may be required and where parking could be eliminated.

Software that gives you access to these parking spots’ data will assist businesses in generating additional revenue from all the unused parking spaces. Not just this, you will know about the misuse of authorized parking spots or emergency access routes and handle it properly. 

You can have mobile apps developed for the software. When there is no space at all in the parking lot, the employee will be notified of it. Similarly, they would be notified when there are vacant parking spots. An app that provides these notifications would be a boon for businesses to manage the parking space effectively. 


Go for parking permit management 

A parking permit is a concept prevalent in residential buildings. It is used to manage people who have access to their parking spots. Traditionally, this used to be managed manually. However, with technological advancements, a resident is today aware of what’s happening with their parking spot. 

You can implement the same in your business. Companies today are constantly in flux as employees keep leaving, joining, getting promoted, or even changing job roles. Due to this, it gets difficult to manage who is entitled to staff parking and who isn’t. 

Fortunately, with technology, this has gotten easier than ever. With parking permit management software, you can easily manage parking privileges. When permit holders are away from the office, companies can go a step further and help companies allocate space to other staff. 

If you haven’t already thought of parking permit management, take this as your cue. For a small business, allocating designated parking spots for members of the management team and other employees is an easy way to manage to park. At the same time, a giant company may benefit more from Iot parking management software. 

Consider the size of your team and decide whether to invest in parking management software or parking permit management will solve your issues.


Go for a car park control management software 

Instead of managing parking lots, manage entry and exit into car parks. 

A software or system that manages entry and exit into car parks is an efficient way to go about working parking spaces. Car park managers run license plate numbers through the parking software to know whether the car is entitled to be parked on the spot. This way, you prevent the parking lot from being overcrowded. 

For example, the driver will be penalized via a parking ticket if the software has logged the license plate. The other type of software is access control software which controls how people enter and exit the car park. This is a popular software among companies since it lets people enter and exit the car parking through their mobile phones. 

This software benefits companies that want to give access to certain members on specific days and not every day.


Encourage carpooling to employees 

Lastly, if you want to avoid investing in any parking management software at the time, encourage employees to carpool or other travel mediums. There are numerous advantages linked with car sharing. 

  • The commuting costs get divided among the employees sharing a car. 
  • The stress linked with driving significantly reduces.  
  • More importantly, it reduces pressure on you as a company on your parking facilities. 
  • Decreases single occupancy vehicles, eventually increasing a sense of community.  

Carpooling is especially helpful to employees commuting from far and having limited to zero access to public transportation routes. When managing a small organization, carpooling is very ad-hoc and informal. However, more prominent organizations need high-level coordination, which enables carpooling as a practice to become widespread. 

Ensure also to address the critical challenges of carpooling. They fail for several reasons, such as who will drive, who will pay, lack of outreach, etc. Send timely reminder emails to employees to remind them of carpool. Doing so will ensure the practice becomes widespread and more and more employees get into it. 

Encouraging employees to carpool is a win-win. It will help you manage your parking space better and also keep employees happy in the long run. You may agree that happy employees are overall winning employees


It’s time to switch to intelligent parking solutions 

The future when cars will park all by themselves isn’t too far. Today, cars do park themselves; however, minimal human interaction is still required. This certainly won’t be the case when the car finds a free spot and parks itself with the tap of your phone’s screen. In fact, car owners can also repark the car by accessing it remotely. 

While driverless cars will take some time to come into practice, you at least need to switch to intelligent parking solutions if you haven’t already. Smart parking will make the parking stress-free and increase your chances of attracting new customers. Moreover, customers who enter the premises stress-free are more likely to convert into leads. 

So, go smart, gain smarter.


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