Why Winning is So Hard

News flash – winning is hard! If you don’t think so, just ask the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, who got spanked by my Broncos on this season’s NFL opener.  Of course, they didn’t plan to lose that game. In fact, they had every intention of winning. But sometimes things don’t go according to…

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Did Cookie Monster Mislead Us?

What? Cookie Monster mislead us? That’s like questioning mom, apple pie and the 4th of July! But he did. If you don’t believe me, just watch this very short (one-minute) video clip <>. Where’s the fib? In his implication that there’s only one right answer to the question. From a very early age we’˜re taught…

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Are You in Denial?

They say that denial is a river in Egypt. Maybe so, but I contend that denial is also running rampant in the conference rooms and corridors of most of today’s companies. I’m not talking about the stuff you need to see a psychiatrist for. I’m referring to something far more subtle and insidious, a kind…

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