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Manager’s Toolkit for Becoming a Better Communicator


Do you struggle to get clear messages spread throughout the organization? Are people working hard but not making the progress you expect or perhaps even working on the wrong things? Do employees seem to have different views of where the organization is going and their role in helping it get there? Then grab this workbook for the tools, tips, and templates you need to become a better communicator and achieve the results needed to win!


As a leader or manager, you’re only as effective as your communication skills. Whether you’re presenting a new idea to the entire organization or giving a one-on-one performance review, your ability to communicate well can make the difference between misunderstanding and motivating people to achieve desired results.

Employees look to you for the ideas, information and inspiration they need to succeed on the job. When you don’t communicate well, it reduces the commitment and productivity of everyone. This toolkit covers everything you need to know to communicate more effectively as a manager, including:

  • What to tell employees, how much, and when
  • The four different communication styles and when to use them
  • Communicating to encourage new ideas


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