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Strategic Agility Session

Are you ready to be insanely successful? Then sign up now for Holly Green’s full-day strategic agility workshop, Are You Swift? Learn how to get the results you and your team need to win!


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Ready, Aim…..Win!
Are you ready to be insanely successful?

In today’s world, strategic agility is your #1 competitive advantage. So forget everything you think you know about strategic planning and learn what it takes to win in today’s hyper-fast, ultra-competitive markets.


By signing up now for Holly Green’s full-day strategic agility workshop, Are You Swift?

An opportunity you won’t want to miss!

  • When: We strive to accommodate your schedule. Sessions often book months in advance.
  • Where: Your city (location to be determined)
  • Who should attend: CEOs, company presidents, and business owners, with up to six of your direct reports.
  • How Much: Contact Mark at for options and pricing information.

A strategic framework for winning
To assist in the development of the critical skill of strategic agility, Holly Green will spend a full day showing you and your team how to:

  • Get clear on winning
  • Define what you need to do to get there
  • Pause and focus on the right things
  • Move fast with focus and flexibility in rapidly changing markets

You’ll sketch out a destination model (what winning looks like) for your business. You’ll devise the incremental, substantial, and transformational steps required to get there. And you’ll determine the key areas of focus for your organization and how to keep everyone on track.
Sign up now!
Are You Swift is a hands-on, highly interactive session that gives you the tools, insights, and action plans to create, and implement the strategic framework to achieve your organization’s destination.

Sessions include all worksheets, models, and workshop materials, as well as a light breakfast and lunch. In addition, every participant receives a copy of Holly’s bestselling book, “More Than A Minute: How to be An Effective Leader and Manager in Today’s Changing World.”

Getting clear on winning and aligning your team has never been more important for success.  Call to schedule a session in your city today.

If you have any questions or need further information on a strategic agility session for you and your team, please reach out to

Are You Swift? is not for the timid or the weak! Come prepared to be prodded, poked, and provoked towards higher levels of success! We’ll enlist your brain in the session and with a follow-up series of prompts, techniques, and tips to turn ideas and action plans into measurable results.


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