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Inform, Inspire and Engage Action Guide


Imagine what you could accomplish if everyone in your organization was running the same race. This easy-to-use downloadable guidebook shows you how to get the alignment you need to help your organization win. Self-assessment tools and action prompts included!


When organizations fail to properly communicate the goals and objectives on a consistent basis, employees often end up working on their own agendas rather than doing what’s needed to help the organization win. Instead of everyone working towards the same clearly defined destination, people end up going in all directions with no common sense of purpose or shared outcome. That’s why consistently communicating the goals, strategies, and key destination points on a regular basis is so critical. When you inform, inspire, and engage employees, they will choose to go where you’re attempting to lead them – and do it while all running in the same direction.

In this easy-to-use guidebook, you’ll learn:

  • The seven essential areas where employees need to feel informed in order to perform at a high level
  • The most effective ways to communicate to employees
  • How to inspire people to buy into your vision of winning
  • How to sustain high levels of inspiration over the long-term
  • The five workplace elements employees need to feel engaged
  • How to build active engagement
  • The appropriate use of recognition and feedback
  • How to set your employees up for success

Most of all, you’ll gain clarity around how to create a culture of communication that enables employees to feel informed, inspired, and engaged with where the organization is headed.

Each Action Guide comes with easy-to-use self-assessment tools for each phase of the inform, inspire and engage process. You’ll identify where you currently stand on key areas of the process, and create concrete actions steps to communicate more effectively with employees across the organization.

Just imagine what you could accomplish if everyone in your organization was running the same race. You’ll find out when you implement the tools and techniques outlined in the Inform, Inspire, and Engage Action Guide. What are you waiting for?


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