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Behavioral Interviewing Learning Session


Would you like to dramatically improve the chances of hiring the right person every time? Our behavioral interviewing learning session will support you & your team in making the best decisions possible to find the right talent to achieve your goals.


Is your turnover too high?  Do you struggle to get the information you need during the hiring process?  Would you like to dramatically improve your chances of hiring the right person for the job every time?  Do you want to get better at building a high performing team?

If you answered yes to any of these, our Behavioral Interviewing learning session is for you!

Behavioral assessment is a methodology that can be applied to interviewing and selection processes for finding the best candidate for the job.  The process assesses the degree of fit for both parties relative to skills, knowledge, competencies, expectations, culture and motivation.

Research indicates that Behavioral Interviewing (80%) is second only to being able to evaluate the individual on the job (e.g., internship – 87%) in its predictive power.  Past and present behavior is assumed to be the best indicator of future behavior and performance.  In Behavioral Interviewing, candidate behavior is seen not only in what they did, but how and why they did it.

Participants will practice interviewing skills and techniques, explore how to conduct a thorough and valid selection process, and how to make the best possible choice in building your team.

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