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3 Simple Ways To Bounce Back After Redundancy

Even though you know it isn’t personal, the shock and trauma of redundancy can make you feel low and really sap your confidence. You might be used to flying high in your role, exceeding targets, and bringing money into your firm. However, you can still lose your job through no fault of your own. The global pandemic has seen world economies hit hard like never before. The sudden shift in retail, hospitality, and logistics sectors has had a knock on effect for every industry. No sector is safe. If you are made redundant, try not to wallow and bounce back in three simple steps.

Take A Step Back

Don’t feel like you have to jump on the job hunting bandwagon immediately. You may need a chance to debrief and preserve your mental health. In the wider scheme of things, your job loss may only be a small piece in a manic jigsaw of a year. Reflect and use your redundancy money to preserve your quality of life while you consider your options. Rather than job hunting immediately, you might want to upskill yourself. Undertake some training that can enhance your resume and partake in some reputable online qualifications. By upskilling, you can improve your won confidence and develop your skillset ready for your next job role.

Seek Advice

For many, losing a job is devastating. You may have friends in the office, you may have been with the same company for a decade or more, and being made redundant can be a real shock. This can be damaging to your mental and physical well being. Rather than go quietly, you may wish to investigate the reasoning and fairness of your dismissal. Think about seeking the advice of an employment lawyer who can check out your contract and ensure that your dismissal was fair and just. If it wasn’t you may have a case against your employer.

As well as formal advice, you may want to seek advice from your peers in respect of your next steps. Some of your pals may have been through redundancy already and have thrived once they have made it to the other side. Ask how they have done it and be inspired by their success.

Go It Alone

Many people choose to use redundancy as an opportunity to work out want it is they want to do for the rest of their working lives. For some, this means breaking free from the shackles of full time employment and setting up their own business. If you fancy going it alone and becoming an entrepreneur, think about the sort of venture you want to launch. You may choose to continue in the same sector in a self employed capacity. You may have contacts that you can bring along with you to hit the ground running. For others, redundancy is a chance to follow their dreams. If you want to have a go at making a business out of an interest or hobby, there may not be a better time. Hone your business plan, focus on your funding options, and look at your financial projections, and go for it!

Follow this guide and ensure that you can bounce back after redundancy. You can do it!

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