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Why The Coronavirus Shouldn’t Put Your Corporate Event Planning On Hold

The recent public health crisis has crushed the business events industry. Not only are companies struggling to sell their products, but they’re also facing a bunch of laws and restrictions that forbid them from putting on big events. It is causing them a lot of trouble. 

The coronavirus, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s game over. Just because events can’t happen in person, doesn’t mean that you have to cancel them outright. 

Restrictions Will Eventually Be Relaxed


Governments aren’t going to shut down countries forever. The coronavirus is bad, but allowing civilization to wither on the vine would be even worse. While the lockdown seems like it will never end, we must all remember that it is a temporary measure to take the wind out of the disease’s sails. It cannot go on forever. Governments need to collect taxes. And regular people need to be able to generate income to live their lives. Keeping everyone in their homes for months on end is a recipe for disaster worse than any COVID-19-driven public health crisis. 

Restrictions, therefore, will eventually end. Businesses will get back on their feet. Industries will once again host events. And when they do, you can bet that everyone will be desperate to attend. 

You Can Now Host Your Events Online

Hosting massive events online used to be a challenge. But with virtual event production, it is now much more accessible than ever before. 

The beginnings of this technology arrived with video streaming technology that allowed multiple people to gather in one location online, and see everyone else in the chat. Now, that same tech is going into delivering online events that anyone can attend without compromising social distancing. 

Now, though, their value as a streaming tool is coming to the fore. Companies want to use these services to connect with their clients, present their latest products and services, and grab attention for the firm. 

In many ways, these online platforms are better than their physical counterparts. More people can attend because there is no need to travel. 

Some Countries Are Still Allowing Events

While it might seem like the whole world is on lockdown, that’s not actually true. The total number of people under a strict lockdown peaked at around 1.5 billion and is now on its way down.

Some countries and states still allowed events and gatherings. In other countries, the case rate is so low that the risk of hosting large events is surprisingly small. 

Of course, we don’t know precisely how the situation will evolve, but if case rates continue to fall, as they have been in many places this last week or so, then countries will feel more inclined to permit small-scale events. 

If you are planning an event in real life, you’ll need to think carefully about how to keep everyone safe. Social distancing, masks, and hand-sanitizer will all still be important.

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