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Ten Ways To Brighten Up Your Office

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If you’re a business owner and you have your own office space you’ll want to be conscious of making the environment as comfortable and inspiring as you can, for both you and your staff. The setting where you work can have a significant impact on your productivity and morale. It’s important to use the space efficiently and effectively while still creating a positive atmosphere. Choose lighting, furniture and artwork carefully in order to make your office reflect your encouraging attitude as a great boss, keep people motivated. There are ten simple ways in which you can do this.

1. Add you own touch

Decorate the space with a little personality. Choose art or ornaments that reflect your taste, or even a sense of humour. If it’s originality you’re looking for, try shopping in second hand or vintage stores, or buy something handmade or antique. A sense of quirkiness will keep your employees intrigued and interested. This might mean only adding fun gadgets in the kitchen or on the desks, to larger fixtures such as rugs or artwork. Don’t just use impersonal ikea-style designs.

2. No cheesy “motivational” art

Relating back to the first point, this is seen as impersonal. Things like big posters with the words “be inspired”, or “teamwork” are tacky and will make your employees’ eyes roll as soon as they see them. Think of more individual ways to motivate them.

3. Declutter

A tidy office is much easier to work in, this is just a fact. Also, tidying up is a great way to procrastinate, don’t give your staff this option.

4. Cables

Again for tidying up purposes but also for safety reasons. You can buy gadgets to hide away your cables.

5. Colour scheme

The interior design colours for 2020 include mint green, baby blues and pinks. These lighter colours will brighten up the office and add the effect of light and space. Avoid garish artwork and dark or bright colours as these can be more stressful to look at.

6. Texture

Add texture to the room as well. This could be done by varying materials on lampshades, rugs and curtains. It will soften the room and make it more comfortable.

7. Lighting

Where natural light is hopefully possible at some times of day, it’s best to ensure that the office is well-lit at all times. Choose bulbs such as linear led high bays in order to get bright, daylight effect light as well as being ecological and economical.

8. Printed art

Choose printed texts to decorate the office as well as pictures. Go for something related to your business or something thought-provoking to read.

9. Big art

This can create a great statement and an easy way to cover that particularly ugly wall. You can find some ideas here.

10. Get creative

Another fun way to decorate the office is with chalk or message boards that everyone can write on. You could encourage more artistic employees to help you add a personal touch to the office.

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