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What Does It Take To Find A Gap In The Market?


As we learn to fine-tune our business and run it effectively there could be potential problems that we never understood at the outset. Ultimately, many businesses want to find a gap in the market. This is an area that you can oversee and dominate. This is the goal for every business and if you can find the space it will do wonders for your business and your entrepreneurial career. But what does it really take to find a gap in a market? It doesn’t necessarily have to be something relating to your product; it could be something completely different, like providing an alternative customer experience. But whatever it is, you’ve got to be different from the others in the same market. But what can you do to make sure that you find the appropriate gap?

Look For Unsolved Problems In An Existing Market

Finding a niche is one thing but if you can locate a niche with unsolved problems you will stand a better chance of dominating a specific market. Partly it’s to do with the appropriate research. Look at the market where you need to focus. Once you look for markets that demand a solution to a specific problem, as well as the competition that you can beat, you will be able to dominate. For example, if you look in the healthcare or home care industries you may notice that there is a distinct lack of organization. In the home care industry, there is a distinct lack of forward momentum, especially when it comes to technology. A lack of good technology can belie a lack of organization. But this is where anybody running a home care business can incorporate software like to make themselves more competitive. It’s also worth looking at markets that already have services and products that solve similar problems.

Look At Your Strengths

It’s the best chance you have of understanding where you fit. Your strengths are just your knowledge but they are your experience, as well as your passions. Learning to identify your strengths can be difficult when you are a one-man-band. It may benefit you to ask others for their opinion. You may want to look at acquiring a mentor or someone who is separate from the process so they can give you constructive criticism. Once you’ve created a list of your strengths that you deem to be most important you have got to expand on the strengths and describe how they benefit the company. Once you’ve understood this you can then expand to see what you can achieve with those strengths. And finally, once you equate your strengths to solutions of specific problems, you can find your gap in the market. Conversely, it can be about establishing where you aren’t so strong. While you can do something like a SWOT analysis to cover all bases you must remember that you’ve got to focus on your strengths, not just for the benefit of the business but for your mindset. Learning to focus on your positives can help you become a glass half full person. This is crucial when you are struggling to keep your company afloat or wondering which avenue to go down next.

Copy Someone Else

To find a gap in the market, sometimes you have to go with an established structure. But it’s not about making a carbon copy. The idea is to make a facsimile of something that’s already in existence but improve on it. There are plenty of examples in the world and if you look at this article at, you can see that there are numerous opportunities for businesses to find an already established foundation and improve on it. In many ways, businesses are forever recycling certain approaches. But the most important thing is to give it a unique spin so that it appears original. But in order to do this, you’ve got to research what other companies are doing in the market. It could very well be the fact that a company is dominating a specific market but in one location. This could mean that you could develop your own localized version. But you’ve got to understand if your strengths and knowledge can fill the gap. And if you are already going up against another well-established company, how can you offer extra value to your customers? And when it comes to establishing a relationship with a customer, are they actually going to be ready for your version of the company? If you’re looking to become more competitive, especially as there’s another company doing exactly the same thing you may have to raise your prices. But can customers afford what you are offering? Using an already existing framework or idea can be a springboard to a completely new approach. Just be careful how you go about it.

Understanding Trends

Learning to find gaps in an established market can be about looking at what is trending and what isn’t. We are all moving forward at such a rate that things change beneath our feet. Because of changes in the economy as well as development in technology we’ve got to consider this in our research. Learning to understand trends in the market can be about drilling deep into one specific area. This is why many companies benefit from market research. They take the time to identify the numerous reasons behind a person’s choice. If you are looking for great gaps in a market, going deep into one specific area means that you’ve got to understand components that aren’t so obvious to everybody else. We can look at things like preconceptions of an industry; one of the benefits of not having much knowledge of an industry is that you can do things your way. You may find a unique angle and this can provide a freshness to the business. But in order to find gaps in the market, we’ve got to keep on top of current trends. We need to look at where things have been but also where they are going. And yes, we have to pardon the cliche at this point, but understanding trends can mean that we don’t fall into them. Learning to capture the zeitgeist is one thing but if you have to keep altering your business model every few years to change with the tides you can lose your identity and waste a lot of money in the process!

Learning to identify gaps in the market is a fine art. You have to remember that solving a problem is the ultimate goal. You need to solve the problem for a specific type of customer. And sometimes the answer can be incredibly obvious. If you ask a customer what they are missing you could easily fill this need. When we spend so long plugging away at a business in a market that doesn’t serve us or the customer we are flogging a dead horse. And the whole idea of finding a gap in the market is crucial to growing the business but it’s also about learning to dominate in one specific area. We see so many companies try to cover a lot of bases in the misguided approach that they are “diversifying” to keep the company afloat. For any business that’s looking to dominate it’s about finding their own little corner and focusing hard on this. A gap in the market is an opportunity disguised as a gaping hole. And it takes a very brave entrepreneur to find that gap but also to fill it properly. But every business that made a massive success of itself has filled some sort of gap in the market.

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