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What Do You Do When Customers Want Privacy And Businesses Need Data?


The way businesses are using data is being analyzed by the very people it is taken from – customers. After numerous scandals, My Customers points out that a massive 73% say they are wary of how companies use their information. 56% plan on sharing less in the future.

Although it’s healthy for shoppers, it’s bad for the businesses that have gotten used to the insights they glean from cultivating big data. That’s almost every organization on the planet as the industry is a billion-dollar one and growing. This poses a problem for firms – how do you put privacy first while accessing the info you require to enhance the user experience?

Stop Being Weird!

You don’t mean it. Your app, the one that does the majority of the heavy lifting from a marketing perspective, is designed to store as much data as possible. However, it freaks people out when they receive a push notification that a store a block or two away has a sale they’ll love. Although it’s meant to be helpful, it comes across as creepy! With that in mind, Forbes says you can set the default settings of the app from “always” to never. This empowers the user to decide whether they want the tips you’re offering.

Don’t Collect For Collection Sake

The industry has got ahead of itself, which is why there’s a backlash regarding big data and corporate organizations. You should understand that people are uncomfortable as it will allow you to tailor the information you’re after and appear more transparent and less intrusive. For instance, don’t collect personal info if it’s not applicable. A physical address is almost counterproductive considering the rise of the internet and digital marketing. As a result, it’s more effective to have an email address or phone number, two things that customers are happy to give out when asked.

Make Sure There’s Something In It For Them

One feature of data collection that annoys people the most is that it’s their information and they get nothing from the transaction. It’s as if you’re taking it from them without their permission. This means it makes sense to give them something in return to sweeten the deal. That way, they’ll be less likely to refuse. Elamant is a service that can help as Elamant reviews highlight how there is something in it for everyone. The company focuses on data capture that it shares with its partners, and members get access to everyday benefits such as travel credit.

Be Accountable

When customers don’t trust you, you must act decisively. To show them that they can rely on using their data correctly, it’s essential to be accountable. You can do this by engaging with the relevant legislation, such as the EU’s GDPR program. Also, you can explain the benefits to both parties. Sharing what you get from the relationship will show that you’re not hiding anything.

Privacy will take on a new meaning to modern customers now that they are aware of the power of data. Therefore, you must adapt to ensure you aren’t tarred with a negative reputation.

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