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The Importance Of Speaking Up In The Workplace

The work environment can often be a place where we speak about work and work only. While that is the norm in most jobs, it is so important to speak up if you feel there is something on your mind. Whether it’s about work, an incident, or your personal emotions, you should confide in a colleague or your boss. At the end of the day, everyone is human and you are allowed to say what you need to, so long as it doesn’t offend anyone. If you often find yourself holding back from speaking up at work, keep reading.




To prevent an issue from recurring

When you do not speak up in the workplace, nothing will ever improve. For example, it is common for someone to hold back and not tell someone when sexually harassed. But, it is so important to speak to someone and report the incident. If you let it slide and never report it, the incident could happen again to you or other people.


Strengthen your influence

A strong voice in the workplace can strengthen your influence. Many times the one with a consistent voice is the individual that is asked to lead a meeting, start a new project, or is the one that is asked to speak with those who have the influence to move an initiative forward. Once your voice is discovered, it can help mobilize your influence in ways that connect you with the other prominent voices in the organization.

To create safety for you and others

Not feeling safe enough is a top workforce issue that should be spoken about. Whether you do not feel safe because of a person or hazards, you need to let someone know otherwise it will never be improved.


Create more opportunities

A consistent voice creates unexpected opportunities.  For example, someone heard you speak up in a meeting and found your opinion to be valuable enough to share with the President of your company. Sounds far-fetched but it happens often. A consistent voice allows your talent to be discovered and creates opportunities previously unseen. Happenstance becomes your best friend.


Earn more respect

When you voice your opinion consistently, you set a tone for yourself. You begin to command respect from those who are not courageous enough to express themselves. But with expectation, comes responsibility. Therefore, be careful with the tone your voice creates and manage it. Most people who speak-up, aren’t strategic. Many are “loose cannons” that just want attention and end up losing any momentum they have acquired along the way. A consistent voice will command respect only when it is responsibly managed.


The next time you think about holding back your thoughts, ideas, and opinions at work, think back to these tips. It is so important to speak up, get your voice heard, and earn the respect you deserve. After all, the workplace cannot improve if you don’t offer ideas and ways to enhance the environment.

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