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The Essential Roles Your IT Team Should Fulfill

It intuitively makes sense that any business with a decent IT scope, with enough devices, software, and networks, should have an IT team to help manage it. But what does that team actually do for you? If you don’t understand that, you can end up building a team that might have some severe skill gaps that can lead to problems down the line. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at the roles that your IT team should be filling and how you can fill any gaps in those roles.


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Basic problem solving

Someone has forgotten their password, or they are unable to access a certain app, or they have any one of the hundred seemingly minor but productivity-sapping problems that are all too common with IT. This is IT support at its most basic, and for the smallest businesses, this is often the only real priority. To that end, you can hire a tech-savvy team member for this position, but a lot of business owners will just as easily outsource it to a freelancer or a small company. If you do have any tech set-up of any size, then you’re going to need those who can solve basic tech problems, as well.


Managing your data

One of the biggest priorities in the digital side of the business as of late has been what to do with all of that data. We’re collecting and storing more data than ever before and, when we collect enough, we need to seriously consider what we’re going to do with it. As such, having a data storage specialist on your team can make sure that it’s being stored safely, that you have disaster recovery options should it be lost, and more. Data integrity is a bit different, and it involves making sure that the data you collect is correct and useful, getting rid of those that don’t fit those criteria, but it can be just as important for those that use a lot of data.


Keeping your IT scope safe

There are few today that don’t understand how vital it is to keep your entire digital technology set-up safe. Data breaches are often fatal to the businesses that they happen to, or at the very least costly. To that end, having a cybersecurity specialist on the team is vital to help you implement the hardware and software tools that protect your scope. They also keep your team trained and up-to-date on any new threats floating around out there. Many teams will outsource this duty, but investing in training such as a masters in cyber security online can help you improve your own IT team. After all, cybersecurity is a constant need for any business using digital technology, so it may be more cost-effective in the end to make sure that you have someone in-house to take care of it.


Developing software and new solutions

This is a somewhat less common need. A lot of businesses might not need much in the way of bespoke software development. However, bigger businesses might want to build software that can help them streamline internal operations by integrating work-critical applications together or building whole new solutions to better suit those processes to the needs of the team. Of course, a lot of businesses will develop apps for their clients and customers to work with, as well. In many cases, this can be outsourced to software development companies. However, businesses that rely on bespoke tools to get their work done will want a software development professional working in-house to help them make any updates or fixes that they might need.


Managing and maintaining the network

If your business has a network that connects various devices, servers, and software systems together, then making sure that network runs smoothly is going to become a high priority. After all, it will dictate how easily your team can access the tools and the data that they need to get their work done. A well-configured network can add options such as VoIP, collaborative applications and mobile network to your business, too, allowing your team to find new and better ways to work with one another. As such, having a team member who understands that network and can maintain and adapt it to your needs can be a big benefit.

Given the crucial role that IT plays in the day-to-day running of our businesses, it is vital to make sure that you have the team on board to take care of all your tech-related needs. Whether that’s by hiring them directly or outsourcing to the right team of professionals.

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