Thanksgiving & Thriving

What a great time to pause, breathe deeply and reflect on all there is to be grateful for! Without using too many cliches or tired phrases, this is the time of year when we most think about the many things to appreciate in our lives:family, friends, clients, our health, abilities, opportunities, maybe even great leaders…

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The Times: They Keep on Changing

Over 25 years ago, The One Minute Manager revolutionized the way leaders approached the art of managing. These days there is certainly no shortage of management books out there and many have asked me the motivation behind my own book, More Than A Minute. While consulting leaders across the globe, one thing became clear to…

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Effective Leadership Come Rain or Shine

Being a great leader in difficult economic times is certainly no small task. Whether it is the rising cost of fuel, the uncertainty of natural disasters or the turbulent stock market, it’s likely your industry will feel an impact regardless of the field you may be in. Lately, we have all been inundated with countless…

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