Stop Distracting Me!

Do you think email, Twitter, and Facebook are workplace annoyances? When it comes to blocking innovation, they’re not nearly as destructive as your own internal distractions.

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Are You Shifting Into High Gear with Social Media?

Not only is our world moving faster and faster these days, it is also becoming more connected than ever. And it looks like the corporate world has finally gotten the message. For the past few years, I have been talking to clients and keynote audiences about the importance of embracing social media as an additional…

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Social Media: The New Competitive Advantage

To Twitter or not to Twitter, that is the question. Obviously, Shakespeare didn’t write it quite like that. But if he lived in today’s world, he might have. And more important, if he ran a business or had P&L responsibility for a product line, the answer to his question would be an unqualified yes! Most…

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