Job Hunting in a Social Media World: Are You Keeping Up?

A colleague sent me an interesting report the other day – 125 Linked-In Job Search Tips. It’s a great read that got me thinking about how much things have changed in the employment landscape since I started my career. It also reminded me of how critical it is to keep up to date on changing…

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Who are the Pundits in Your Company?

I recently came across a very interesting book that provides convincing evidence that we’re all more human than we think, including the experts we turn to for political and economic advice. Expert Political Judgment, by Philip Tetlock, a psychologist who teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, presents findings from a nearly 20-year project in…

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Social Media: The New Competitive Advantage

To Twitter or not to Twitter, that is the question. Obviously, Shakespeare didn’t write it quite like that. But if he lived in today’s world, he might have. And more important, if he ran a business or had P&L responsibility for a product line, the answer to his question would be an unqualified yes! Most…

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