The Value of True Friends

Some people get all stressed out about the holidays that start this time of year. All the shopping to do. Decorations to put up. So many people to see. So much food to cook (and eat). All those extra pounds to lose after the holidays. For me, holidays are just the opposite. They’re a time…

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Labor Day: A Tribute to the American Worker

To most Americans, Labor Day represents just another three-day weekend that signals the end of summer and a return to school for the kids. But as with all holidays, there’s more to it than the barbeques, beach bashes and family get-togethers. Created by the Central Labor Union of New York, a forerunner of various trade…

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How Do You Keep Up as a Leader or Manager Today?

Focus on continual learning and unlearning. There are almost no jobs left that will remain the same over time and the demands of leaders and managers are continuing to evolve. Pause and think about the changes in the past year alone. Leaders and managers that are successful today are constantly learning and developing themselves. The…

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