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Some Of The Most In-Demand Freelancers In The Market

The traditional work arrangement is working for fewer and fewer people. For one, the fact that we’re dealing with a pandemic has changed job availability in just about every industry. Furthermore, however, more people are finding that flexible work and taking charge of their own productivity helps them get more done and stay more motivated. However, you might be wondering what freelance opportunities are even out there and which can make a real career. Here are a few of those most in demand.




Marketers (of all kinds)

While all business like to and do believe that they understand perfectly well how to market, it is a small minority of them who are going to do all the legwork themselves. Marketing is necessary to keep a brand relevant and, nowadays, all sorts of marketing skills, such as SEO, social media marketing, and website design are all equally sought after.



You might consider that content writing is a form of marketing and it definitely can be. However, freelance content writing careers can involve writing of all kinds, including creating basic website content, technical content, brand guidelines, blog posts, press releases and much more. If you’re willing to take on more work, you will find that there are all kinds of it out there, too. Just be warned that it’s a competitive market so you have to stand your ground and make sure you’re finding clients who will pay what you’re worth.


Delivery drivers

It is becoming increasingly true that retail runs on wheels. Aside from the fact that businesses rely on longer logistic chains than before, people also order more stuff online to get it delivered. As such, if you can earn your license, then owner operator truck driving careers can be highly lucrative. The more you’re able to carry and the further you’re willing to drive, the more money you can typically make.


The money-minded

Now, there are typically two kinds of people that businesses will outsource their financial concerns to. Which you can do will depend on the qualifications you have. Becoming an accountant is not easy, you need to become chartered which will take years of education since you have to be able to give legal tax advice. Becoming a bookkeeper is a lot easier, and mostly involves keeping track of the day-to-day finances and tidying up accounts.


Admin work

If you don’t have any of the skills above but you’re willing to apply yourself and you can stay organized and on the ball, then there is still a place for you. Remote working virtual assistants can help business owners and professionals take care of all kinds of needs. It can involve keeping a schedule, checking emails, and other little bits of admin work, as well as working as a receptionist, routing calls and taking messages.


All of the freelance careers named above can be lucrative, but you have to work at it. You have to prove yourself in your work, then set your price and put in the legwork of finding those who can and will pay it.

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