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Smart Online Business Strategies

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Are you a business owner just getting started with the digital side of your business, or an established brand wanting to make a few tweaks to your strategy over the winter? There are several other possibilities; however, you will be interested in smart strategies that can increase your revenue and improve your service to customers.


It would be unthinkable for a business to ignore growth strategies on the Internet these days; after all, there are so many new and existing possibilities. Today, businesses don’t have to rely on limited advertising channels; they can utilize several at once to improve customer engagement and raise the profile of their brand. 


There’s no time like the present to take advantage of the smart technology at your disposal. This winter is the perfect time to set up a digital advertising campaign to grow your business. What are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the smart strategies below and help your business boom through the winter.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another branch of online marketing that has grown up in recent years. As a result, many businesses don’t realise the significance of the medium as an effective tool to grow your business. It’s the equivalent of not adopting television advertising because you still believe in billboards and newspapers. 


According to latest figures, there are 3.6 billion social media users worldwide, making it one of the mainstream channels for content consumption. Time to forget about television and the expense of advertising there. Instead, get on board the social media gravy train and mainline your message to millions of users. 


Learning how to advertise on social media is fairly simple and shouldn’t take too long to work out. However, if you struggle, there are specialist services available on freelance websites like Fivers and People per Hour. You’ll want to write a concise ad or make a video to promote your product. The platform will charge you a small fee, but the exposure is worth its weight in gold. 


Google Advertising 

The gold standard of online advertising is Google, which have developed a system so integrated and precise that it’s come to dominate all other digital search engines and online business strategies. Today no online business can do without the services of Google in some form. GMB Services and Google Advertising are powerful and fundamental. 


Google advertising uses an intuitive bidding system to help you get noticed by a relevant audience. There’s no point in spending your budget on advertising that is ineffective, according to Google. Instead, you pay for Ads you feel are most important, or that obtain a click through. 


When you make an ad for your business using Google advertising, you set a portion of your budget on the ad. This allows you to outperform other paid ads with a lower bid price. If two ads are competing for the same keyword search, the ad with the highest bid will show in the rankings. 


Email Marketing and Segmentation 

Your online business empire is not complete without email marketing and segmentation strategies. There is so much that can be accomplished with these tools and practices, including better customer engagement, customer retention, and more relevant advertising. If you don’t know about email marketing and customer segmentation, there are many online resources to learn from.


With email marketing, you will have a list of customer emails or email addresses of potential customers. You can use this list to contact them with updates and ads for new products, but the benefits go beyond this. Emails can also be used for customer retention strategies that help bond the customer to your brand. More on customer retention later. 


Segmentation is also a powerful practice that helps you identify the most relevant target audience for your product or service. Segmentation means subdivide get your audience into groups relating to geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral metrics. You can then target relevant ads to individuals most likely to respond, making your business more efficient. 


Customer Retention 

When building your business online, you spend a lot of your resources generating and converting leads. It leads that drive revenue after all. Not so much attention is given to retaining your customer once you have them on board, but this is really important. You’ve done the spadework; now it’s time to keep them sweet. 


After you have a customer that has bought something through your website, you should have a wealth of data on them if you’re using proper analytical tools. You will know their email address and website preferences; you should also have an idea of the products they’re interested in. Segment your customer and continue to interact with them.


Your customer interaction doesn’t have to be continuous; however, you don’t want to put them off with a million emails. Instead, send a friendly email to see how they’re getting on with their product and remind them of why they bought it. You can also send happy anniversary emails after your customer has been with you for a year or more. 


Influencer Marketing 

The nature of advertising has changed considerably since the advent of the Internet. Laryngeal display ads on the street and television commercials – the pinnacle of advertising in days gone by – have been replaced with forms of advertising that are more targeted and more effective than ever before. 


One example of this type of advertising is influencer advertising. An influencer is a blogger, vlogger, or YouTube, with a significant following. They can be used by brands and businesses to promote products to a relevant audience. The idea is that customers will respond better to people they know and like. 


In fact, this turns out to be the case. People follow a blogger or YouTube because they enjoyed their company and have an interest in their subject. Without realizing it, a bond of trust and feeling of friendship arises between the performer and audience. Since a person is more likely to buy a product recommended by a friend, this can be a very powerful form of advertising. 

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