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Setting a New Company Up


Right now, more and more people are considering setting up their own businesses. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has seen many people lose jobs and many of us are now looking to take control over our own careers and set up our own companies that we can manage ourselves. Of course, setting up a business is a huge process and will take a countless number of steps. If you’re set on going ahead with this, though, here are a few suggestions that should help to get the ball rolling in the right direction!


Coming Up with an Idea

First and foremost, you’re going to have to come up with an idea for a product or service that you are going to sell to people. This seems pretty straightforward, but it can actually be pretty difficult and could prove to be the most difficult part of the entire process of setting a company up. Why? Well, there are already a whole lot of products and services out there. Coming up with something unique can be a challenge. You can go down one of two routes. You can come up with something completely new and innovative. However, this is the harder of the two. Alternatively, you can offer something that is already out there but with a different touch to it. Improve on others’ products and services and make the new versions your own!


Carrying Out Market Research

Once you’ve come up with an idea, it’s time to carry out some market research into the area. Why? Well, this will help you to ensure that your idea is good and that it has potential to sell. Sure, when you’ve had a great idea, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and to jump directly into the production process. But this isn’t always what you should do. Instead, before you start investing money into developing a product or making it a reality, or developing a service for consumers to try out, you need to make sure that spending this time, money and effort is justified and that there’s significant chances of making sales and experiencing success when everything does hit the market. Market research allows you to learn a whole lot about what people want and what they are willing to pay for it. Asking the exact type of people who will determine your brand’s and products’ success what they think can help you cast aside poor ideas and optimise those that do work. Generally, it’s good to use a market research agency for this. But you can also carry out market research yourself if you please through a series of surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, seminars and other market research activities.


Protect Your Intellectual Property

If it looks like you’re onto something good, it’s time to start protecting your ideas. You don’t want someone to be able to copy what you’re doing and benefit from all the hard work, time and money you’ve invested into developing your products or services. Protecting your ideas is called protecting your “intellectual property”. When you do this, you can stop someone who uses your ideas with legal action. If someone copies what you’re doing and you’ve protected your intellectual property, you can send the culprit a cease and desist. If they ignore this, you can then take further legal action against them. Here are just a few ways that you can get started out.

  • Copyrighting – the most common way to protect intellectual property is copyright. You can usually do this through your home nation’s regulating authorities. When you get in touch with these authorities, they will be able to check that nobody else has already copyrighted what you want to copyright. You can copyright everything from names to concepts, colour schemes and all sorts of other intellectual property.
  • Patenting – if you have actually invented something completely new, such as an approved medicine or something else, you can patent it. This is a right given to you that allows only you to profit from your invention for a given period of time. Once the patent expires, others can use its idea under different brand names, but having this head start can allow you to become the dominant and best known brand and seller of your invention, giving you market dominance.
  • Trademarking – this is another popular way to protect your intellectual property. Trademarking, however, is more geared at protecting your branding and brand identity itself than your products or services in particular. You can trademark your brand name, logos, company slogans, company jingles and more.


Making Sure You Have the Necessary Equipment to Get Started

Of course, before you then get started with bringing your idea to life, you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment to do this. You’ll be surprised just how much you may need to simply start your business out yourself. Here are some things to invest in.

  • Devices – nowadays, every business will need some sort of computer or laptop to get off to a good start. You may even want to use a tablet or smartphone. Why? Well, we’re living in the technological age and, generally speaking, it’s much more secure and effective to do your work on one of these devices than to do everything by paper. You can store and save things more securely. You can type faster. Plus, you’re inevitably going to need to send emails and carry out various other tasks online every step of the journey. Of course, devices can be expensive. So, if you don’t have the funds to buy them outright yet, you can always use rental services like ipad rental.


  • An Office Space – if you’re going to be productive, you’re going to need somewhere to work from. This means an office. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to go out and rent a whole office space. Instead, it just means that you need to set up a dedicated workspace at home where you can concentrate and be productive. This will help you to be as productive as possible and will also help you to separate your work life from your personal life, creating healthy boundaries from the start. When choosing an office space, try to make sure that it is well lit with natural light. This will help to regulate your circadian rhythms and maximise productivity.


  • Ergonomic furniture and equipment – in your office space, you should make use of ergonomic furniture and equipment. This is all specially designed to help support your body and prevent injury. Sure, sitting at a desk all day might not seem like the most dangerous thing in the world. But over time, you could experience bad posture or chronic aches and pains. You could ultimately even experience repetitive strain injury and other similar conditions. By using ergonomic furniture and equipment, you can prevent this. So, look into ergonomic chairs, desks, back supports, foot rests, keyboards, mice and much more.

These, of course, are just a few suggestions that should help to get you started out when it comes to setting up your own business. This is going to be a challenging journey and may even be difficult at times. But the freedom that comes with managing your own business rather than working for someone else can prove more than worth it!

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