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See Your Local Business Thrive Through the Pandemic – 4 Tips for Entrepreneurs


The pandemic has put all entrepreneurs in front of challenges that they never thought they would have to overcome. The eCommerce trend has been fuelled by the travel restrictions and social distancing measures, giving an obvious advantage to larger companies that can count on larger budgets. 

However, as the holiday season is approaching, local and small businesses need to adapt quickly and avoid missing out on precious sales and customer engagement – which can help set them up for success in the new year. Here are some tips for entrepreneurs who are willing to take on the challenges that such a transformation implies – and they are easy to implement too!

Invest in Digital Marketing

There is nothing like a well-crafted digital marketing strategy to increase your business’s visibility and reach out to a larger number of customers and potential users. Through techniques such as local SEO, video marketing, and social media platforms, digital marketing can help you expand your current reach and fuel growth. 

However, each business is unique – and finding a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your brand’s values is paramount. Outsourcing the help and knowledge of expert professionals such as those at Digital Goliath Marketing is the best way to see the results you wanted, with minimal efforts and minimal expenditures. 

Join the eCommerce Trend

Even if your business is built around the local community and customers, it is impossible not to pay attention to the innovations that have been drastically influencing the economy. Among these, eCommerce has been growing steadily in the past years, becoming one of the main channels for consumers to access the products they love. 

While you should not feel forced to ship internationally or change your production processes, it is worth giving your customers the option to shop online. Indeed, this means that your audience can have access to your offer independently from lockdown and social distancing measures. Undoubtedly, this can increase your sales and profits, but it can also be a way to be present for your consumers at this moment. 

Create a Brand Around Values

An increasing number of consumers decide to commit to products and services offered by a brand that aligns with their personal values. For example, businesses have started to implement greener processes and procedures in order to respond to increasing environmental awareness. Transforming your brand into a greener business can help you win over an extra slice of the market! Listening to your ideal customers’ needs can offer you valuable insights regarding the changes you should implement. 

Opt for a Remote Workforce

Opting for a remote workforce rather than office-based teams can have many advantages. Undoubtedly, remote working is one of the most sustainable choices if you are pursuing sustainability. However, this choice can also help you save more of your budget dedicated to renting office spaces. And of course, this strategy does not pose any limit on the professionals you can hire, so you can have access to the best talents in the sector you work in!

If you prefer to keep producing the products you sell on site, you might consider this option for assistants, accountants, or legal help.

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