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New Old Ways To Market Your Biz

Are you interested in exploring new ways to market your company? Upgrading your marketing tactics is a smart choice and will potentially help you reach more customers. It could also provide the competitive edge you need to beat out other companies offering services or products that are remarkably similar to yours. You might be tempted to explore the latest in marketing innovation to do this. But perhaps what you should be doing is exploring old marketing ideas and refreshing them with a new spin. Let’s explore what we mean here. 

 Email Marketing 

First, you might want to consider email marketing. You have probably heard at some point that email marketing is dead and buried, but this isn’t the case. The reality is that like everything else email marketing just needs to evolve. Specifically, you need to use a more personal approach for email marketing. You should be promoting your services or your product to the individual rather than to a group. You can provide a personalised promotion by taking advantage of the data that you have probably already accumulated in your business. 

Social Media Marketing 

You might also want to think about social media marketing. The trick is to choose the right social network to market through. It’s worth noting that this can differ depending on your sector and industry. The right social network can also change and these days a smart choice would be to use LinkedIn. Indeed, LinkedIn will be perfect if you’re marketing to other businesses rather than general consumers. The trick to LinkedIn marketing is delivering the right level of value and setting yourself up as an industry leader. 

Multichannel Marketing 

Multichannel marketing isn’t a new idea at all. It’s always been popular to promote your business through multiple channels. What you should now be exploring is the omnichannel marketing technique. It’s a similar idea with one key difference. Omnichannel marketing means that everything is connected and forms one massive, cohesive marketing campaign. As such, with this tactic, consumers should be able to enter at any point in the marketing channel and still arrive at a purchase decision. There are lots of examples of this online. 

Phone Marketing 

Clients polled about how they prefer brands to get in touch with them do often express that they miss the human touch. They hate feeling like they are talking to a machine or interacting with one piece of a massive business. That’s totally understandable and it’s why you might want to stay away from automated phone systems. Instead, put them on a call with a real person to discuss the benefits of your business and you could see fantastic benefits. 
As you can see, there are numerous old marketing techniques that you can put a fresh spin on. If you do this, then you could see fantastic benefits for your business. Indeed, it’s possible that going back to these old dogs is exactly what you need to do to help ensure that your company catches the eye of customers once more.

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