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Making The Impact You Need At Trade Shows

Trade shows are a unique opportunity for many businesses to not only make themselves known in the industry but also to reach the widest audience of the people who are most likely to convert to customers. However, fail to make a splash and you can end up ignored and downtrodden. Here are a few ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Bring your best talkers

As a business owner, you should understand the skills that your team members bring to the table. Some are going to lend the organizational aptitude that can help you make the trip a lot more convenient. However, you also need your best talkers, be they salespeople or customer service reps, that can deliver a pitch that lasts around 30-seconds and hits all the major selling points of your service or products. They need to be great at active listening to adapt that pitch to the individuals they’re talking to, too. Happy employees are one of the best assets you can bring to a trade show.

Appearance matters

Choosing the right spot for your booth is crucial. In general, you want to either be as close to the entrance as possible or position yourself so that you’re next to or near one of the biggest and most attractive names at the show. Great booth and space design are crucial, too. You need to go beyond the basic table and banner setup. For instance, you can use a foamcore sign for your next event that directs a lot more attention your way. Another way to improve your impact is to use multimedia, such as lights or video.

Make a good impression

When you attend a trade show, what do you expect from it? A few business cards, some interesting conversations and, this is important, a bag full of goodies. Choosing the right event swag can make a big difference in the kind of impact you leave with the attendees. It’s a good way to lure them to your booth, to thank them for their time and, most importantly, it creates a physical reminder of your brand that they will take with you. A practical and appealing trade show giveaway that fits the needs of the people taking it will be a major boon to your lead building efforts.

Continue the conversation

While you’re talking to people at the trade show, you should try to keep a note on who is the most qualified lead and who you’re going to spend time trying to convert once it’s over. Some people will be interested in your products and services, some will be interested in the swag. You should try to talk to each of them in the moment but, after it is done, you need to focus your efforts on those who had a real interest in your business. Be sure to craft a great trade show follow-up email that continues the conversation and funnels them into the next part of the lead lifecycle.

The above tips are not the only way to find success at trade shows, but they are the most important tools for developing leads that help you achieve real sales.

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