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Keep Your Business Connected During Global Pandemic

With how things are at the moment for a lot of businesses around the world, it means people working remotely, and working from home. Making sure that a business is connected can be something that is difficult, especially if you have a large team that are all working from home during the pandemic. But it isn’t too difficult to make sure that there are some strategies to implement. You want to keep communication at its best, no matter what the distance is between you and your colleagues. So with all of that in mind, here are some hints and tips that you will need to make sure that your business stays connected and things can carry on as normal as possible.


Make use of The Internet of Things

When you are wanting to keep your business connected, then one of the best things that you can do is to use the internet of things. It could be something like a small email system that you use for sharing, through platforms like Dropbox for files and Google Drive for documents. For a business that normally has a few different offices, this can be really helpful as it means that you can easily share with colleagues, and still work ‘alongside’ each other on something. Then business can carry on as usual, providing something great for the customer at the end of it all.

Contactable Business Number

If you want to keep your business connected, no matter where people are working from, then it is important to have a business number. This can be used from a phone or an app, but it allows colleagues to keep in touch and have messages and information all in one place. This will allow some projects to carry on, even if there are some of the team that are absent. It allows continuity with the business as well, so nothing is missed if some of the team are on conference calls or out and about. 

Working Remotely

Working remotely is something that so many people are doing now, if their job allows them to do so, of course. So being able to be connected, especially if this is new to some colleagues, is most helpful. A strong broadband connection is a must for people at home in order to stay connected, much like you’d have to have in the office. Business broadband is a good idea regardless, so you could click here to find out a little more about it. But having a good broadband connection means that everyone can do their work, as well as get assistance where required. You can all email each other in a timely manner, and all do it around your other commitments. 

Emails On Your Phone

Using your phone for calling and texting, as well as whatever else is great. But it can be a big help to make sure that your phone is connected to your work emails, so that they can be accessed wherever you are. Then there is no chance of falling behind on projects or slowing your team down. Sometimes someone will need approval of something or to ask a quick question before things can move on. So being able to answer things quickly, or come back to things later, can be a big help. 

There are a number of ways that you can help to keep your business connected at this time, no matter the size of the business that you have, or the budget that you have to help everyone to be connected. You need to look and think that will work best for your business. The internet of things can help to give you the best tools that you need to succeed, so you just need to make the most of it all and find the platforms that will best suit your team. 

Right now, this can all feel a little unexpected, and some aspects of the business may not be able to be managed remotely. But putting plans in place now, when you’re all living it, can help to set things in place in the future. Remote working, as well as flexible working, are going to be big things going forward. So make the most of this practice run, and it can make a big difference to how things go in the future, and beyond. 

What have you found has been working for you over these past few weeks? It would be great to hear what you think and what you’ve been implementing.

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