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Is Your Marketing Strategy Too Broad?


Your product or service may have a broad appeal. However, not all of your consumers are going to be engaged by your product in your same way. It’s for this reason that you should avoid settling for one-size-fits-all marketing strategies – by focusing in on different demographics, you can market your product or service in a more specific way that appeals to these groups. Below are just a few ways to target your marketing more effectively.


Customers of all ages may use your product, but they’re not all going to be attracted to your product in a similar way.

When marketing glasses for instance, you may want to adapt a different strategy for younger customers and older customers. Younger customers are likely to be looking for cool frames and discounts on glasses, while older customers are likely to be looking into bifocals and eye health concerns like cataracts. Both demographics may also engage with different marketing platforms – you’re more likely to attract younger customers by marketing through social media and video marketing, while older customers may be more drawn in by flyers and even phonebook advertising.    


You should also consider the location of your customers. While your product may have an international appeal, customers from different countries are likely to be drawn to your product in different ways. 

Deepak Agarwal discusses ways in which global businesses can also benefit from focusing their marketing locally. This includes altering the pricing, marketing in different languages and considering the cultural differences. You may even find that different countries engage more with different marketing platforms (for instance, different countries may use different search engines more heavily). 

Interest level

It’s also important to consider the interest level of your customers. Some customers may have a good understanding of your product, while others may barely understand its usage.

For instance, let’s imagine that you’re marketing cloud security – some customers may not understand what the cloud is, while others may have lots of experience using this type of technology. You’ll likely want to market to these two demographics in different ways. With the former group, you’ll want to use laymans terms and offer a basic explanation of what the cloud is. With the latter group, you may want to provide more information about the details of your product (i.e. what makes your cloud storage services better than other options on the market). You could appeal to both markets by having separate keywords leading to separate web pages on your site: one page offering basic information and another offering more in-depth information. 

Spending power

Some customers may be on a tight budget, while others may have the funds to more easily buy your product. It could be worth also considering this when marketing your product.

Those with less spending power may need to be given greater incentives to buy your product. You may want to consider highlighting the money that they may be able to save compared to using other companies on the market, or highlighting the fact that you offer payment plans and credit card payment. 

Those with more spending power may be more interested in the standout features. With many luxury products, you may want to steer away from the price and focus on what makes your product unique when selling to more wealthy clients. 

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