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Infrastructure Trends: Becoming More Sustainable

The recent talk of more and even better infrastructure has sparked a few important talking points among friends, family, and colleagues. What is needed the most, public transport or highways? What is more important, new hospitals or new high-rise buildings? What are more affordable, national projects, or city-wide projects? Either way, we all know that the bills are going to be huge. Every government will be pressed to improve the infrastructure of their nation, but they will have to do so in a sustainable way. Bridges, tunnels, buildings and railway lines have to be designed and built in a way that is less harmful to the environment. These are some of the major trends in this industry to focus on.


Minding rivers

Rivers are essential to the ecosystem and quite frankly, they keep us alive. River water is used around the world to water crops, drive hydropower dams and new wave technologies. That is why, when building a highway or a bridge, not destroying the river bed is vital. Sediment and loose rocks shape the river naturally, and putting a giant concrete rebar pillar through the heart of a river is not natural. That’s why the benefits of cidh pile services are so clear to see. You can drill a very accurate hole straight down into wet soil without harming the surrounding area. The solution is great for tight spots, such as underneath highways and bridges, so you can create support structures such as walking paths over rivers. 



Greener urban spaces

It’s funny, the governments of the world wanted to unroot and remove trees in their cities to make way for high-rises, and now they want them back. More urban greenery is required for a number of reasons. Not only would the foliage, trees, bushes and plants soak up some of the pollution, but it would also be better for mental health purposes. Many professionals are rethinking their lifestyles in cities as more and more report to their employer’s mental health concerns. Stress, anxiety and the pressure of working in a busy environment are finally catching up with people. Even senior-ranked employees feel the pressure of burnout more than ever. Nature based solution planning is now a top priority for cities lacking parks, forests and fields.

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