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Ideas to Make Your Office a Sustainable Space

Rebranding your image as an eco-friendly company can do wonders for your business, not only the environment. Showing concern for the environment can make a great impression on clients, and nowadays it doesn’t cut it just to recycle your waste in the government containers. There are more ways you can make your office more sustainable, both by improving energy-efficiency and the attitude of your employees. 

Save on energy consumption

This will not only reduce waste but will save you on your bill as well. Start by replacing all your current lightbulbs with LEDs as these are much more energy-efficient. They will last longer, both inside and outside and they can withstand any weather conditions. With more durable lightbulbs you’ll save a lot of money on your electricity and reduce your emissions as well. 

Switch off electronics and lights when they’re not in use. Encourage your employees to do the same. You could even set up “smart” lights, mains electricity and heating. This will allow you to control the electrics and heating remotely from your smartphone or other devices. This will make you less likely to consume as much, as you’ll only need to use it when you’re there. You can set the heating to come on early or stay on only when necessary. 

Ensure that all windows are double-glazed and if not, have them replaced. The best way to have a sustainable office is with insulation. You don’t want to be losing too much heat through the windows or the floor. Put down carpets and rugs and these will also help to insulate the office. On hotter days this will also help the office to stay cool, so you can save on both heating and air-conditioning. 

Staff motivation

In order to encourage your staff to follow the same “green” principles, hold a meeting or a workshop to explain to them personally how to have a more sustainable office space. You could even organize green events such as garden projects and get them making their own compost from organic waste. There are many different, great eco-friendly team-building activities you can try. 

Decorate your office with some posters and literature about the environment. Make sure your staff is recycling and using sustainable options in the kitchen and common areas. Introduce “Recycling Fridays” where each Friday you only fill the printers with paper that’s already been printed on one side. 

Go around the office and see what can be replaced with more eco-friendly items. These can start from cups and water bottles to stationery as well. You can find a full range of fantastic designs at


Don’t be afraid to be vocal about the changes you’re making. Promote your eco-friendly brand on social media by regularly posting what projects you’re involved in. Look into doing some volunteer work or fundraising for environmental causes, and tell the public what you’re up to. This is a great way to get some positive recognition, and any money you spend will be compensated in the future.

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