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How To Prioritise Your Business Tasks

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If you have many issues in your business that need attending to, you are probably not going to be able to tackle them all at once; which is what makes prioritising such an important factor. If you are wanting to regain control quickly, you will need to firstly know how to delegate and understand who is best to help solve the problems quickly and effectively. This isn’t always the easiest task but it is vital to know when to say no and when to know that you need a helping hand.

If you are working within a specific industry, such as dentistry, you may need to know important information such as when you need new supplies and when you will need to repurchase professional dental supplies. You need to ensure you have the time and money to cater to all your needs and allocate enough time to each task. If your current workload is scheduled with time goals, it becomes easy for you to get caught up on what needs to be done and feel as if you are not hitting your targets. This is a complicated issue but above all the main ingredient to effective prioritisation is of course exceptional time management. It ensure that you are spending the right amount of time and this is what can hinder us if we don’t look into it properly. Worrying that we do not have the right amount of time to spend on each of our tasks is what may determine how we handle the tasks, so by making your list from top to bottom, you should also look at how much time it’s likely to take up.

Look at what is an emergency. Do you need to fax a certain amount of things to a business; these top priorities are what need to be as soon as possible because not doing them will have the biggest impact on your business. Whatever tasks are going to have less of an impact and issue on your business are the ones that you must ensure you take action on first.

Tasks at the lower end of the spectrum will fall into the category of low priority and can be put on a back burner but people who are not as in the know about your systems and companies may not understand what these are. For example if this is based on research and the task is to read a certain amount of example texts and make notes; this would be useful but not necessarily impactful of the daily tasks of the company. If this task has now doubled and you have still not completed the necessary readings and notes and it has not yet impacted the business in any way, it may mean that this task can easily be cut or taken off the list altogether.

The better you can learn to prioritise, the more effective your business will be as well as keeping yourself and your staff sane each day.

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