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How to Keep Your Business Safe During Covid


Plan Your Cleaning 

The planning stage for keeping your place of business Covid free is very important. The planning stage will determine what Stepney you implement and how it is carried out. Keep efficiency in mind, not every surface will need the same level of cleaning. 

Conduct a survey of your place of business and determine which areas are high use. Sinks, door knobs, elevator buttons etc, these must be cleaned on a near daily basis. Areas that are not in use for up to seven days don’t need such regular attention.


Implement a Strategy 

To ensure your place of business is completely covid free you need to clean the right areas with the right products. For floors, your company could benefit from tennant t7 floor scrubber for sale, this machine will buff your business floors and guarantee they are shiny and free from covid.

For other surfaces you should use EPA approved cleaning products, if possible. The covid virus is not difficult to kill; it can be destroyed with basic wiping it off a surface with a standard cloth, however, EPA approved cleaning products give you the best chance of eradicating covid and any other harmful bacteria and viruses that could pose an issue. 


Maintain Cleaning 

When you have a plan in place and a cleaning strategy for your place of business it should then be a simple case of maintaining the cleaning schedule. It’s important that everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction. Don’t be afraid to reprimand those not following the schedule. 

During the pandemic its very important to keep your place of business clean and hygienic. The covid virus can spread very easily and it’s highly infectious. Maintaining an excellent standard of hygiene in your business also protects vulnerable members of society. 


Stay on Alert 

When it comes to keeping your place of business clean and covid free during the pandemic you need to be on high alert at all times. In the past you might have had productivity as a primary concern day-to-day  but throughout the pandemic it should be office hygiene. 

Along with deep cleaning your office on a weekly basis, you need to have a twice daily cleaning schedule that wipes down all high use surfaces. Don’t forget to clean your air filters either – unclean air filters can also cause the spread of dangerous diseases throughout you building.


Keep Your Staff Updated 

Needless to say everyone has to be on the same page when it comes to keeping your office hygienic and covid free. The instructions need to come from the top and you, as boss or manager, should be the one leading by example. It’s too easy to return to old habits and get sloppy. 

Put signs up around your place of business that remind staff of the current rules and practices. It’s letting your guard down when it comes to office hygiene that can lead to outbreaks of the virus. Along with signs remind staff regularly through emails and weekly meetings.

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