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How to Invest in Your Employees and Win Their Loyalty

It’s not a secret that the core of a business is the talent, it really doesn’t matter if you have the best idea or even the best product design if you don’t have a development team, a sales workforce, or a marketing strategist. This is why really big companies like Facebook or Google not only hire the best of the best, but they make sure that this lot is happy, healthy and motivated.

An average Facebook office has a micro kitchen with treats and soft drink options, an in-house gym, showers, a rec room, leisure spaces, the very needed desks, and big and small meeting rooms, schedules masseuse and regular gifts and perks. And in an average Facebook working day, you’ll find people working harder than you could imagine.

Everyone working with a strategy and a goal in their minds while having fun. Respectful for their teammates and with the working path they have laid in front of them. This is in good part the reason why this company is one of the biggest tech enterprises in the world. A very focused and happy team.

If you want a team like that, is time to invest in your team’s happiness. Sure, you are not going to change your entire office space into a ping pong court, but there are things that you can do to ensure your team’s loyalty, and a working capital loan like the ones Camino Financial offers can help you get there.

Things that boost your employees drive

There are a few steps that you can take to make sure your employees are happy, and happy employees work harder.

Educational tools

They say that when you stop learning in your workplace, is time to change jobs. Don’t let this happen. According to Biz Library, a small to medium company spends around USD$1,096 in training a new employee. Wouldn’t it be better if you just invested half of that in a learning program that ensures your collaborator has challenges, new knowledge, and tools to put into use in your business and, of course, a feeling of growth? You can have a survey to learn what topics are needed, invest in an e-learning platform for everyone.

Health perks

Imagine a company with people who are not afraid to take a physical or mental day off and, instead comes the next day with a new and improved attitude. People with health care insurance above the law requirements and even a gym membership that keeps them healthy and, in consequence, happy. Provide these tools for them and you’ll win them completely and will be more loyal to your brand.

Financial support

With a working capital loan, you can have a specific budget for inhouse loans in case of an employee emergency or any kind of personal loan that you can offer them. This also can help you to ensure that work will go on in a regular way when people take time off. Remember that everyone deserves proper rest. Offer this as a benefit and you’ll see how much of a difference it makes.

Breaks from work

Either with integration dynamics or activities among the team to just pass the time having fun, these breaks from work will help you build a stronger and more focused team. On one hand, they’ll know each other better and will have more empathy and closeness when dealing with each other and on the other hand, the mind works better with periodic rests, with zero work in mind, creativity soars. Did we mention the offsite Facebook meetings or the beers in the freezer of every office around the world?

Recognize the effort

A raise in your salary always makes you smile but it’s not all about the paycheck. Think of rewards, either a paid vacation, traveling, a company car, or even an in-house celebration. The idea is to give something in return to the best members of your team, the ones that work harder and faster so that everyone wants a prize like that and everyone commits to a higher standard in their daily chores.

With all of this in mind, a lot of red lights can be turned on in your brain, but believe it when you read this: every action you take is an investment in the future of your team and your company. Shop around for working capital loans to make a swift change in the way you see your company and take a page on the policies of the best companies in the world.

Sure, they pamper their employees, but employees work harder and more committed than anyone else.




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