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How To Help Your Employees Feel Safe

While many businesses went back to the office a couple of months ago and social distancing measures and new policies were put in place to keep people safe, as Coronavirus case numbers are increasing again people are becoming more anxious again, and it’s important that you, as an employee can reassure them as best, you can and make sure they are safe when they come to work. This isn’t an easy task, and it’s unchartered territory that many of us are navigating our way through, but if you know how to be a good boss, then you simply need to apply these skills to reassure you employees and help them to feel safe so they can do their jobs.



Make well-being the top of your list.

Things are tough right now, and your business may be struggling, but what’s more important than money and sales? Your employees. Right now it’s important to show your employees that they come first. Take the lead from the big companies like Costco, who increased their workers pay by an additional $2 to show their appreciation and thank them for their hard work during the pandemic. Apple offered paid sick days, and Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian’s chose to forgo his salary for six months. Just make sure your employees know that its safety above profits as this will ease the pressure with everything else they have to deal with. 

Communicate, honestly and effectively

To make your employees feel at ease and to feel safe it isn’t just about having hand sanitiser all over the office and making sure they know that you are using disinfecting services to make the place as safe as you can. It’s also about making them feel psychologically safe, and that means that you should update your employees regularly with what’s going on, explain why certain measures are being put in place and why certain decisions have been made. Research shows that employees who regularly receive updates from their companies are more likely to have positive views of their employers. They are more likely to be proud to work for their companies and to look forward to going back to work. By having this kind of open communication with your employees, you’ll likely receive the same back and find that your employees are more open with you about their concerns and worries.

Implement recommended public health measures quickly

When new measures are recommended, implement them quickly. Show your employees that you’re listening and taking the advice and that you’re putting their safety first. 

Offer flexibility

It’s a strange time right now, and you may have employees who don’t feel comfortable coming into work, you may have employees struggling with childcare or caring for relatives. Be flexible and let your employees know that it’s not just their health and well-being that matters but their family’s too. Letting them know that if they need to work from home or leave early that they can do can make all the difference to their mental health as it’s just one less thing to worry about. 

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