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How To Have the Best Employees


When hiring and getting the most from your employees, there is more to consider than just teaching them the business of your business

Your employees are one of your biggest assets, so managing them well is crucial to the success of your business. 

Here are some tips on how to best manage your people. 


Good Communication Channels

Being open and honest in all forms of communication is key. It really is the beating heart of all organizations. By being able to explain clearly the vision you have for the business, the plan to get there and how to plan to achieve this, you have provided the first step. It is important your staff have a clear understanding of their expectations and what they are contributing to the success of your company. 


Give Feedback

You need to give positive feedback to engage with your staff and keep them feeling valued. Try to be conscious of the feedback and try to bring into more regular conversations and form or communications you have. Of course, there may be occasions where the feedback given is constructive. This is fine, and to improve and keep your business successful is a must. But, even in these cases it is important that the feedback is fair and that you can specifically explain why the feedback is being given and how changes can be implemented to improve on this area. 


Recognize The Value They Bring Your Business 

Your employees play a big part in the success of your business. By acknowledging what contributes you will be able to boost their engagement. The more they feel valued and appreciated the harder they will work. So consider thanking them for their hard work, periodically providing little rewards such as cakes or coffees, or even consider periodic bonuses. 


Invest In Them

These are your people. Training them up will make them feel more valued and will help make them more productive. In some cases your staff may not always want to progress but even then it is worth investing in them. This could be through Virtual Team Building and just investing in them and the relationships you have nurtured with them. 



You cannot do it all. The reason you hire staff is for this very reason. By taking a step back and delegating roles to your staff will not only make them feel empowered, valued and trusted. Not only are they feeling positive off this. But, you have now taken the initiative you free yourself up to complete other tasks and obligations. In instances like this, it is important however that you have firstly evaluated your staff members capabilities before entrusting them with further responsibility. If the task you are entrusting is completely new to them, it is also vital that you provide any relevant training and support to start with. Although in the short term this may utilize more of your time, in the long run you will reap the rewards when you have freed up this time and can focus your attention elsewhere.

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