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How Safe Are Your Team, Really?

Your ideas, your insights and your inspiration are what make your business what it is… but make no mistake. Your employees are a huge part of what makes your business great. After all, they’re the ones embodying the values and ideals upon which your brand was built. It’s their hard work, effort and determination that translate your ideas into action, and your values into meaningful customer experiences. You want to ensure that their effort and diligence pay off. You want to be able to offer them job security and fair compensation for their efforts. But more than that, you want them to work in a space they can be proud of. A space that’s conducive to them feeling safe, comfortable and valued. 

And this goes way beyond fulfilling your commitments to health and safety compliance. It’s about creating a workplace culture that helps employees feel valued and an infrastructure that considers their safety holistically. Which means you have to ask yourself some searching questions…

Are they comfortable at their workstations?

Employee comfort is intrinsically linked to their productivity. However, if our bodies are comfortable, it usually means that they’re safe from injury. As such, they should be able to ergonomically adjust their desks and chairs, have a keyboard and mouse that reduce the risk of RSI and have access to blue light filters which can mitigate the health risks from spending their working days looking at a monitor. 

Do they have a reason to get out of their seats once an hour?

Speaking of health risks, spending 8-10 hours with your butt glued to a seat is asking for a range of health issues including digestive trouble, neck and back pain and even an increased risk of weight gain, hypertension, and even diabetes and heart disease. So make sure your employees know to get out of their seats for at least a few minutes every hour. 

Are they protected on the road?

Of course, it’s one thing being able to look after your team while they’re under your roof. But what about when they’re on the road? If you have a fleet of trucks or simply a handful of ravelling sales professionals, you need to protect those who make their money from the road. That means protecting them from other drivers, and occasionally from themselves. A GPS Tracking Camera provides you with visibility over where your drivers are at all times, as well as protecting them from liability if they are hit by another vehicle. Moreover, some models also have driver cams so you can clamp down on distracted driving or phone use behind the wheel. 

What do you have in your vending machines?

Finally, if your breakroom vending machine is chock full of sugary, salty and fatty snacks, you may be doing your employees a disservice in the long term. Sure, everyone loves an occasional treat, but these snacks can cause spikes and dips in blood pressure which may negatively influence productivity. Not to mention contributing to weight gain, uneven energy levels, poor self-image and general ill health. Show your team that you care by giving them access to at least some healthy snacks.

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