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How Can You Energize Your Working Day?

Sometimes, we just have to put in long hours to get a project done –  and this is especially a problem for a lot of people working from home, where the boundaries matter less. Trying to pace yourself is the rule to abide by most of the time, but occasionally long hours are unavoidable. So how do you stay energized when you’ve been putting in lots of hard work? 

Mark Your Boundaries

Even if you need to put in extra time, make sure that you do have a defined finish point. Set a time and stick to it. Pushing on regardless is bad for your mental and physical health, can lead to burn-out and leads to a lesser quality of work – so make sure you know the limit, even when you’re going the extra mile.

Try Working In Sprints

Lots of people use things like the Pomodoro Technique, where they split their day into chunks of time allocated to a project, interspersed with frequent screen breaks. Research shows that hours of prolonged concentration simply isn’t an effective route to quality work. So break it up and work in short sprints of no more than 20 minutes without a short break – you’ll get more done over all!

Simplify Your Space

A cluttered, messy space leads to lots of unnecessary distractions – especially unhelpful when you’re trying to meet a deadline.Sorting out your desk, making sure you don’t have items you don’t need and that you have the right storage for the items you do need is key. Set aside a few minutes to file and tidy away. You may benefit from the energy boost and postural correction of a standing desk. This infographic shows how you can get the best from this increasingly popular choice:

Infographic Design By Autonomous

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