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How Can Self-Storage Help Your Business?

There are so many of us that are running businesses from home, from our dining room tables and our kitchens. You might have a specific office space from which to work from. You may have a business that has grown and grown, and it is taking over the house, with marketing materials all over the place, inventory piled high, and paperwork on every surface. When this happens, especially if you have a lot of inventory, then it is a good idea to step things up and create a more professional look and feel, so that business and home can become more separate. 

Moving to an office space can be somewhat of a big investment, as there are rental costs, utility costs, and it can really take a lot out of your business each month. So have you ever thought about using storage units for your business, as a much less costly alternative? Here are some things to think about, if you’re ready to expand, but a storage unit is the best idea for you.



Funnily enough, a storage unit can be great for storing all of your inventory. If you craft and sell things online, or have an eBay business, for example, then it can mean that you won’t have to store things at home, and can just take a trip to the unit to count up inventory, check on stock, and get deliveries ready. As such, you may need to think of adding extra things in your storage unit, such as shelving or movable units, and perhaps something like resin flooring from Impact Flooring, to protect inventory that falls or is dropped. A desk could work as well. Just plan what you’ll need, and then you can go from there. 

Creation Station

Some storage units have the capability to run power, so you can use it as a separate office space. With lighting, computer, and heating, it could be a great spot to create and do what you need. If you have a business like photography, then it could be set up to be a dark room for photos. If you have a crating business, then it could be the perfect spot for a creation station, as well as for storage. Check what you have, what will work, and then you can go from there, to create a great little creative space. Even making music could work from a storage unit, rather than a residential house.


Something to check on is if you would be able to set up and create a pop-up for some of your inventory, for example. If you are legally allowed to, or can get the right checks in place, then you could quite easily set up a pop-up shop with things on display, and take cash or card payments. It could work well as something that is just done occasionally, or regularly, as long as you’re allowed to do so. You’ll need to check with the unit owner, as well as what the legality around it is, with your local authority.

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