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Five Signs Your Business Is Going Under

You may have heard about red flags to look out for in your personal life, but have you ever considered the red flags to look for in your business? You want your business to be as profitable and successful as possible, but if you don’t look out for the warning signs that your business could be failing, how are you going to keep on top of it?

If you are in any kind of doubt about the financial future of your business, you’d be wise to call upon the help of companies like Strategic Consulting, where you can get some guidance about what to do with debt. While you do that, though, you should keep an eye on five particular signs that your business is going under. Let’s take a look!

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  1. You have to freeze hiring. When your business is doing well, you hire people to support the growth and the extra business you find happening. When your business is failing, you have to freeze hiring anyone as there is not enough of a budget to continue to do so. If you are struggling in this way, it’s important that you are as honest as possible to ensure that your staff don’t panic about their jobs. A hiring freeze can help until the finances in your business stabilize.
  2. There are a lot of closed door meetings. It’s something that almost every business does during a difficult time: closed door meetings are the ones that are hurried, urgent and secret from the rest of the business. You don’t want rumors getting out there that there is a problem, so you keep these meetings with your management team and investors a secret. It’s vital that you be honest with your staff, but it’s also important that you only tell people what they need to know, when they need to know it.
  3. You’re losing valuable staff. You have to really examine your business practices to avoid your good staff leaving you. When you notice that your turnover is getting higher and higher, you will find that the people that mean the most to your business are jumping ship before it sinks. They move on to jobs that are equal or better to what they have with you, and you will find that the best will stick with you to ride the storm!
  4. You have to lay people off. When your business is in such debt that you are losing money hand over fist, you may need to lay people off. It’s not something that you necessarily want to do, but it’s something that you must do to ensure that you can pay your business debt. It’s also the thing that you do when you just don’t have the budget to hold onto staff any longer.
  5. You no longer take risks. Every business owner takes some kind of risk, as it’s part of the business nature itself. However, if you find that you are playing it safe, it’s a sign that you are being conservative about your business activity.

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