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Engaging and Rewarding Activities to Engage in Over Summer!

Many people love the summertime. Many love it for its warmer climate, so we can leave the house without needing to wear four or five layers to keep warm. Many love the atmosphere of summer, going to your local park and seeing many people having fun in the summer sun and soaking up the rays. Whatever part of summer you like, there is always something you can do to keep yourself engaged and keep your wellbeing and mental health in check. It is easy to drift and lose yourself in the summertime because of reasons like the simmer holidays. The kids may be home from school and giving you a headache, to the hay fever and more. But, do not feel down about it, as this article is here to help with some activity ideas you and the family can get involved in to engage your brain, and make your focused and happier in the summer months!


Outdoor Exercise!

The indoors can always seem to be a comfy alternative than going outside and braving the outdoors, but the outdoors is there to be explored. Find a map, and pinpoint somewhere new you have no explored, or go somewhere you know it is completely up to you. Going for a walk, exploring the local park, a forest, a hike up a hill, regardless of where the location is going outside and exploring nature in all of its glory is such a simple, and accessible way to better health. Whether it’s raining, sunny or snowing, don’t delay but make sure you have dressed appropriately for whatever weather you encounter!

One form of exercise that is great in the outdoors, is yoga. Yoga is a great way to get your body toned, exercised, but also relaxed. From the outside, it may just look like some crazy and odd-looking body movements. Pair that with some zen music and a calmly spoken instructor at the front giving the guidance. It is actually a lot more than that. You would be surprised at how much yoga can help your body. It can stretch and make you more subtle. It will tone your muscles and also the atmosphere will make you and keep you relaxed, which is great for your mindfulness and mental wellbeing as well as your body!

Games Galore!

Games are a great way to get the brain engaged. They make the mind think, and work out problems, to find a possible solution. It is also a great way to engage multiple people at once, and this is one of the main reasons why group games really help engage and work the mind. There is a sea of different outdoor games that can really engage the mind and are a proven winner with many people. For example, Cornhole games ( are a great example of being an engaging outdoor game that has been a staple in many peoples lives for years! 

This is just one example of a great game. Go out and research and you will find many different games that are good just for you, and also include the family and are great for them too! You are just a couple of clicks away.

Really Embrace Nature as you Exercise

Following on from the outdoor exercise point, this is another great tip to get the most of the workout you do already, but adding another element of mindfulness into the mix. An example of how you could use this method in your normal routine is your morning run in the park. Are you playing music through your headphones? Are you just focussed on the end goal of when you finish or where the next bench is? That is perfectly normal, as we all have those same thoughts. But, image that same run, but you really turn into the noises around you. Although it sounds really basic and simple, firstly, it is! But at the same time, you will find again like the breathing techniques, you will slow down and really take in your environment, and get so much more satisfaction from your workout. 

Mingling and Meeting with Friends for Picnics

Last but not least, nothing beats traditional social interaction! Just going over to the park and meeting some close friends can be really good at sustaining good mental wellbeing. It can be a picnic, coffee date or whatever you like, just meeting your friends and seeing in contact with them physically can be a great way of boosting your mental wellbeing.

So, will you be trying any of these tips? If so, see what it does for you and keep doing it!

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