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Eight Ways You Can Support Non-profits in 2022

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There are multiple things you can do to support non-profit causes today. To find out more about the different ways you can help out non-profits, here’s our essential guide to ways you can support non-profits in 2022.


Getting Creative with Your Fundraising Ideas

During Coronavirus, where people across the globe had to stay indoors due to lockdown restrictions, we all managed to get creative with our virtual fundraising ideas. Quiz nights, game nights, movie nights, and concerts are examples of fun, inclusive fundraising events that can be held virtually over Zoom, respecting social distancing measures, while ensuring the safety of all involved.


Fun Social Media Fundraising Campaigns

Since using social media sites is so popular these days – with over 4.55 billion active social media users worldwide – engaging in exciting social media campaigns is a very effective way to support non-profit organizations in 2022.

Hashtags and social media ‘challenges’ are also a great way to raise money and awareness for non-profits today. A prime example of a highly successful social media campaign was the ALS ice bucket challenge in 2014, to raise funds for research in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease. The challenge went viral online and simply involved people posting themselves having ice-cold buckets of water tipped over their heads on their social media accounts and spreading the message by nominating others to do the same.

The challenge allowed the ALS Association to use the millions of extra dollars they received to help them fund vital research, through which scientific advances into ALS were made.


Setting Up Donation Pages on Fundraising Platforms

Whether you’re running a marathon, hosting a wacky virtual fundraising event, or doing a sky-dive, using online fundraising platforms makes fundraising for non-profits easier than it was before the internet age. Are you looking for a people-centric fundraising platform that’s easy for donors to use and ideal for your donation events? Check out this resource from Givebutter, a fundraising platform with simple modern ways to donate online.



Crowdfunding is an easy way to encourage a large number of people to donate. Crowdfunding is not only done by individuals raising money for non-profits, but profit-making organizations can also take part in crowdfunding campaigns. Entrepreneurs first used crowdfunding on the internet to try and attract investments for their business ventures.

When it comes to supporting a charity through crowdfunding, preparation is critical. Set a specific goal for the amount of money you would like to raise through crowdfunding well before the event takes place.

For example, set up an online crowdfunding page with a goal of raising $5,000 2 months before you take part in a sponsored hike event for a non-profit. Try and harness your social media following so you can do your best to smash your donation target.


Appreciate the Power of Your Social Media Following

Make a concerted effort to encourage your followers on social media sites to donate to help you support your chosen non-profit. Your followers may initially seem unimportant, but when raising money for a non-profit cause you feel strongly about, you will be impressed by just how generous your following is and how willing people are to donate and support your fundraising efforts.


Still Pursue Offline Fundraising Efforts

Simply because the internet is a very efficient way of raising money for non-profits in 2022, that doesn’t mean that all offline fundraising efforts should be overlooked. Holding charity buckets, food sales, garage sales, gala or masquerade evening events, and fundraising in schools are still great ways to raise money and support non-profits in 2022. Non-profits in 2022 should carry out a combination of online and offline fundraising techniques.


Donating Supplies

You don’t necessarily need to donate money to support a non-profit organization in 2022. Some non-profits make specific appeals for people to donate useful supplies that will really help people out, such as diapers, food, drink, bathroom products, and so on. Homeless individuals need basic supplies to keep themselves clean day-to-day that many of us simply take for granted. Got too much food in your pantry that is fine to eat? Support a local non-profit and donate your excess food supplies.


Giving Periodic Donations to a Non-profit

You may decide you want to put aside a set fee that you donate to a non-profit every month, and this way, you can continually support a charity throughout the year. When signing up to support a non-profit and donating money regularly, you can follow the organization’s vital work via updates such as newsletters and e-newsletters. Learning more about the helpful things your chosen non-profit does with the money you donate is interesting and provides you with a warm feeling you get when helping others out.


These are just a few suggestions for ways you can help support non-profits in 2022. But you really can get as creative as you like with your fundraising efforts. Do something selfless today, and support a non-profit cause.

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