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Digital Marketing Aspects You Should Research

Marketing is a vital aspect of any business. How its handled can mean the difference between a business’ success or failure. Many people fancy themselves an entrepreneur, but without some marketing know-how, your product won’t be seen and therefore won’t sell.

Digital marketing is cheaper and more effective than traditional media marketing, making it also more accessible. There are plenty of courses to get you up to scratch with all the latest digital marketing trends, but the basics are laid out here in this guide to get you started.

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Traditional marketing includes traditional media like television, radio, print, etc. and covers the advertisements that come with them. They have their own set of rules that are separate from digital media marketing, and it is important to understand the difference.

The main difference is engagement with the audience. Traditional media often only allows for a one-way conversation. For example, the TV plays the viewer an advert, the viewer can either absorb the message of the advert or let it pass over them. Despite surveys and focus groups, you won’t really know if it prompted any sales.

On the other hand, digital media allows for a two-way conversation. You put your product out there, customers see it, then respond to it online. This allows you to make changes or fixes and, on top of that, ever user’s interaction is recorded and tracked. You will know what demographic of people looked at or bought your product and how they discovered it.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are mainly how you track customer usage. Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting your products through clicks. Online content will contain a link to your product or website, waiting for a user to click.

Usually there is a deal brokered between the seller and the affiliate, with the seller providing the product and the commission in exchange for the affiliate’s audience.

Engagement can be handled with a software like Zendbox. You can automate your ecommerce and make profitable decisions with the help of the Zendbox resources. Use content like podcasts, blog posts, etc. to deliver useful and entertaining content. Make sure to then be responsive in your comments and social media.


Keyword research and domain authority are also areas you will need to research. They aid your Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), allowing you to become more visible on search engine results.

Domain authority is the ranking of where your website will appear on any given search result. It is vital you rank high on your search since no one looks at the second page of Google. You can boost your ranking with keyword research.

Keyword research entails finding out what words or terms your customers are inputting to search engines to find your product. High-value keywords that your audience is often searching for will optimize your search strategy and allow you to climb higher in a Google search. Google Search Console can allow you to scan your website for the most valu

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