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Coronavirus: How Healthcare Around The World Is Suffering

This virus has caused more issues in the world in the last 14 days than most other world issues have. The world is literally shutting down because of a virus that’s no more deadly than the common flu. The flu is something that has been around for years, wiping out hundreds of thousands of people. But that is not on the news. So it begs the question, what is the world not telling us? Is it because it’s such a new and misunderstood virus? Is it because it is more deadly than it seems? Us as the human race are not going to know why there is such a panic around it. All we can do is watch the number of cases go up around the world. A large portion of the US and Europe is now affected. So, we want to explore how this virus is stretching healthcare organizations around the world, and  what it means for the future. 

Where Is The Funding Coming From? 

So you have to wonder where the funding around the world is coming from. Countries like the US have always worked on an insurance basis, which some patients having health conditions that costs them a fortune, but their insurers even more. So how is this virus affecting insurances? Well, they’re going up for one. If you’re elderly or vulnerable due to past medical conditions, your insurance bill might well be higher over the coming months and the pandemic escalates. As for the rest of the world, the funding is coming from who knows where. Hospitals are desperately trying to gather the resources and the staff that they need to support patients. There is a worldwide shortage of ventilators which is essential for this virus. Those who are compromised enough to be hospitalized may end up on ventilation. Without the correct equipment there are going to be far more deaths than there should be. 

Support For Practices

There is support out there for practices, but depending on the part of the world that you live in depends on the support you’ll get. In the US there are businesses such as Med USA that are brining practitioners into practices that are struggling to cope with the influx of patients. But it may get to the point where the healthcare service is even more stretched than before, meaning the added staff may not be enough. The UK is considering qualifying 3rd year nursing students early and employing them as qualified nurses to join the battle. The world is truly going into panic over this virus. 

The Dangers Of The Virus 
The dangers are higher than people might realize. It’s easy to transmit from person to person and can lie dormant for up to two weeks. So people can walk around for up to 14 days spreading the virus to everyone they come into contact with, and they might not even realize it. There is a huge threat to the elderly, disabled, and anyone with an underlying health condition. It’s important to make sure you’re following all advice, washing your hands always, and keeping yourself isolated if you show some small symptoms such as a new, continuous cough, or a fever.

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