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Bringing Your Small Business into 2020

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re always wanting to keep in the loop of how best to serve your business; keeping it growing, evolving and moving forward. In 2020, there are a number of cutting edge trends that savvy businesspersons are taking advantage of to capitalize on growing trends and continue on with success. 

Below, we’ve outlined a few of these growing trends, so you can put your best foot forward in business for 2020. 


Cryptocurrency Factoring

It’s a very fancy term for something that isn’t as complicated as it sounds: cryptocurrency factoring is basically just the invoicing of cryptocurrency. This is something that many businesses have needed to do for a while, and many are jumping on board eagerly. With the ability to invoice cryptocurrency, you open your business up to making money in myriad different ways, expanding your client base, the locations where you’re able to do business and more. Cryptocurrency factoring will give you that cutting edge, allowing you to compete in the business world much more effectively. 


It seems that the fears of a decade ago have been largely assuaged, as more and more businesses, including small business, are choosing to use AI software and programs in their offices. AI can assist with a number of tasks, including HR and payroll, recruitment, and so much more. With AI technology changing so rapidly, there’s always some new software or app on the market that can transform your business and provide you with much-needed support. 

Mobile Apps

Apps have been around for a while, of course. Years now. But it’s only in recent years that companies have begun creating apps for themselves across a wide expanse of mediums, genres and industries. These days, it pays to have an app for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Gone are the days of just functioning with a website and/or social media. You have to have an app. And with technology ever-changing, you’ve got to have something cutting edge, functional and engaging. 


Accessibility has taken a forefront in the conversation about business, which is a good thing. More and more businesses are taking steps to make sure their product, goods, services and overall brand are accessible and user-friendly. This could mean anything from wheelchair ramps in physical locations to business aids for employees, to visual and hearing aids on websites and apps. Whatever the need, make sure you meet it for both your employees and clients. Seeing that a company makes great strides to be accessible and inclusive will give your business a great reputation and attract more clients. 

These are just a few of the trends small businesses in various industries are adopting to help stay with the times going into 2020. Utilizing these business-savvy practices will help you attract more clients, stay on trend, compete with rivals, and grow your business into a more successful enterprise. With strong motivation and a few handy business skills, you’ll see your company grow exponentially. 

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