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Boosting Productivity: Creating Functional, Inspirational Workspaces For Your Employees

The majority of business owners rely on a team of people to oversee the smooth, daily running of the company. Boosting productivity can help to enhance performance, save money and improve team morale. There are several ways to encourage employees to work hard and devote time, energy and enthusiasm to tasks. One of the most effective is to ensure you provide a functional, inspirational workspace. 


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Encouraging collaboration and cohesion

A successful team pulls together and works towards shared goals. With more and more employers looking to bring individuals, teams and departments together, it’s crucial to encourage collaboration and cohesion. It is not always easy to work with others if you’re based in different offices or there is no space to get together for meetings or catch-ups. As a business owner, you can actively promote and facilitate group work by investing in tech to bring remote teams together and ensuring your office has communal spaces where employees can host meetings and talk openly without worrying about disturbing others. You can use screens and curtains to create more versatile spaces if you don’t have dedicated meeting rooms or look into hiring rooms in offices to rent on a flexible basis. 


Providing privacy and quiet spaces

One of the most significant challenges for employers today is striking a balance between collaborative work and individual endeavors. Most people who work in offices split their time between talking to clients and meeting with colleagues and spending time alone at their desk working through a to-do list. As well as providing open, spacious, communal areas for team meetings and group projects, it’s also beneficial to use office cubicles, private rooms and areas that you can section off to offer peace and privacy to those working alone. Employees need to be able to concentrate and focus, and this is difficult if there are meetings or calls underway or they are trying to contend with background noise. 


Natural light and greenery

Studies show that exposure to natural light can increase productivity and lift your mood. Plants and flowers can also help to induce calm, improve productivity and make people feel less stressed. Try to maximize natural light by angling desks and chairs towards windows and doors and using light colors for walls and floors. You can also bounce light around the office by hanging mirrors on the walls. When it comes to plants and flowers, there are options to suit offices and workspaces of all sizes. From huge potted plants that are ideally suited to corridors and corners to small pots and containers for desks and tables, it’s possible to inject vibrancy and a flash of color in an instant. 


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Our working environments can play an integral role in lifting morale and boosting productivity. While cramped, dark, bland offices, spaces that make it difficult to interact with others, and rooms that are noisy can hamper productivity, bright, spacious workspaces that facilitate solo and group work can have the opposite effect. If you run a business, and you’re looking to get more out of your team, consider revamping your office.

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