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Basic Content Creation Mistakes That Companies Keep Making

The majority of businesses understand that they have to create content to compete in the online marketplace. But unfortunately, many of them are still going about it the wrong way. 

Here are some of the basic mistakes that companies keep making with their content creation and how to avoid them. 

Failing To Create Compelling Titles

Like it or not, the blog title is what drives readership, not the content. You might have written the most masterful prose that the world has ever seen. But if the title doesn’t grab attention, then the blog will fail. Sorry, but that’s the reality. 

Even though most companies know this deep down, they continue to post blogs with titles that do nothing to compel their audiences to read them. They stick with tedious protocols or titles that don’t do anything other than regurgitate generic advice. Not a good idea!

Failing To Engage With Comments

All content you post should come with the option of posting comments. It helps to generate conversation in the community and develop buzz. It is something that experts at recommend. But to get things moving, you often have to stimulate the discussion yourself. That’s why so many content creators say things like, “let me know what you think in the comments below.” They know that if they can stimulate conversation, they will better engage people with their brand. 

Failing To Include Enough Enough Photos

Humans are innately visual creatures. So if you present them with a wall of text, most of them will automatically switch off. There’s nothing that they can use to anchor the blog. 

By contrast, when you deploy relevant pictures, it can actually aid understanding. Think about how difficult it is to explain something solely in words. It takes a lot of skill. You have to know both the relevant vocabulary and also deliver it in a way that keeps people reading. 

But when you add a picture, you can often omit a lot of the descriptive details and focus more on the point that you want to make. In short, a picture is worth a thousand words. The number of images that you can deploy is virtually unlimited. 

Develop Your Own Voice

Businesses tend to think that they need to use Queen’s English or develop a neutral voice for communicating with customers. They want to appear “professional” at all times. Unfortunately, this type of approach does little to engage interest. And it makes authenticity very difficult. Just read some of the reports that professional services companies produce if you want to get a sense of what we mean by this. 

Developing a voice isn’t as difficult as you might think. Typically, you select half a dozen characteristics that you’d like to permeate your work and go from there. You could take a light-hearted tone, be more educational in your approach, use a satirical voice, or be pure “alpha.”
You don’t need to be unique according to Using a voice, somebody else already uses and adapting it to your brand can work too.

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