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Balancing Your Dream Career Quest With Your Current Position


We’ve all got that one career we’d love to pursue. You know the one – it’s the position you always used to dream of. Sadly, life got in the way, and you ended up taking an unrelated job to pay the bills or save enough money to study. 

Now, you’re in a position to finally focus on becoming a flight instructor, finishing your teacher training, or whatever else your ultimate career might be. The trouble is that, until you’ve got that all-important qualification, you’ve got to continue working the job you have. 

This can be tough, not only because outside work can prove distracting. Time constraints, concentration lapses, and dedication struggles can also take their toll. But, if you drop your current career too quickly, you might struggle to secure that dream role after everything.

With that in mind, your current position becomes a weight you must carry. The question is, how exactly do you balance it when your dreams come calling?

Find a way for the two to co-exist

Given that this secondary career focus is your main priority, it’s easy to dedicate all your time to the cause. The trouble is that this would mean taking your eye off the job you’ve got, which is guaranteed to spell trouble. Make sure it doesn’t happen by instead considering ways for the two to co-exist. For instance, studying part-time or online can be a fantastic way to find balance. Equally, seeking flexible work or more suitable shifts means that you can fit your current role in your new life and requirements more easily. 

Remember the importance of your resume

It’s also worth noting that, while it might not be the job you can picture yourself working long-term, your current role will go a long way towards shaping future applications. In fact, the experience you build could well be the difference between securing a position or not. Equally, if you suddenly stop showing up for shifts or paying any real attention, your lack of reference will speak volumes and take you ever further from your dreams. If for nothing else but your future, now is, therefore, the time to pick up those extra shifts and work that bit harder to impress. 

Build just-in-case connections


Remember, too, that changing careers isn’t always the straightforward path we expect it to be. Even if you secure your dream position, there’s every chance you’ll enjoy it less than the job you’ve been doing until now. In this instance, burning your current job bridges is always a mistake. Instead, keep working hard to keep your manager’s opinion of you strong until the end. Then, if your dream doesn’t quite work out for you, you’ve at least got something you can fall back on. 

We get it; your in-between career is starting to feel a lot like a pain in your backside. But, you’ll never achieve your goals if you drop the ball now. So, put these pointers in place, and keep your eyes on the prize.

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