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7 Ideas To Make Your Office Healthier


Business owners want to widen their reach, improve engagement, and drive profits. Before you can gain any significant successes here, you’ve got to consider the basics. To help your staff to be productive and creative, it’s essential to create a healthy office environment. With the right kind of environment, you’ll improve employee wellbeing and boost productivity at the same time.

1 . Try Standing Desks

Standing desks refer to high rise desks, allowing you to use a laptop as you stand comfortably. These desks come in portable form or as fixed stationary desks. You can also get ‘legless’ desks that can be attached to walls or windows as you please. There are many advantages of using standing desks, including:

  • Improved posture: When using a standing desk, you’ll help to improve your posture and prevent yourself from slouching in a chair.
  • Get moving: Using a standing desk means more exercise, and consequently, you’ll boost your endorphins and energy levels throughout the day.
  • Boost productivity: Sometimes, you can start to feel sluggish after sitting in the same place all day. With a portable standing desk, you can move to get a change of scenery, which can help to boost workplace productivity.
  1. On-Site Exercise Classes

Exercise helps to raise endorphin levels and ease stress; both of these things are helpful to boost productivity at work. To help your staff get healthy and productive, it can be useful to offer on-site exercise classes. Yoga, in particular, is a great class to offer. A yoga practice helps to boost energy and calm the mind at the same time.

  1. Declutter & Deep Clean

A cluttered office that’s full of germs is bad for the body and mind. By decluttering and deep cleaning your office, you’ll create a healthier environment in no time at all. Be sure to use sustainable methods when you are disposing of old items, whether by recycling or selling. To organize your workplace items, it can be useful to use the Sortly inventory based app.

  1. Air Purifiers & Plants

To improve the health of your staff, it’s vital to improve your air quality. To remove toxins from the indoor air, it’s helpful to use air purifiers or plants. The following options make excellent office plants:

  • Devil’s Ivy: These plants are really easy to take care of and can survive (even if you’ve forgotten to water them for a while)! No matter if you have a bright or low lit office, these plants can tolerate any conditions. They have sprawling leaves, slightly similar to spider plants.
  • Jade Plants: These have round and rubbery leaves and a quaint appearance that’s perfect for the office. Jade plants only need a little light for a couple of hours per day so that you can put them anywhere in the office.
  1. Additional touches

While you’re updating your office with plants, consider painting the walls and adding some new artwork. With a more appealing office environment, you’ll boost morale and staff happiness. Any efforts to improve your environment and your company culture will help you to attract the best talent.

  1. Healthy Applications 

To make your office a healthier place, there are a few handy apps which can support workplace health and safety, including:

  • iScout: The iScout app is a safety management app for inspections, tasks, alerts, training, and reporting. The app was created to maintain the integrity of processes, equipment, and employees. Using the app, you can complete training, submit reports, and access safety resources.
  • Enablon: Using Enablon, staff can log in near-misses and any incidents. Workers can pin incident locations using a map, or with video and photographs. You can send risk reports to your safety administrator and then send out warnings to the appropriate staff.

For other workspace safety platforms, check out Tap Into Safety or WellTok.

  1. Risk Assessments 

To keep staff healthy and safe, employers must perform risk assessments. First, you must identify anything that could cause illness or injury within your business. The next step is to determine the likelihood of harm and how serious the risk is. Thirdly, you should take action to remove the risk. In some situations, it may not be possible to remove the risk, and if so, you can seek to control it. 

While you’re improving your risk assessment processes, it’s also worth considering your drug and alcohol testing procedures. Most testing procedures use a urine collector, and you can purchase testing kits from drug testing services. Those under the influence pose a significant health and safety risk at work, so it’s vital to keep on top of these procedures.


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