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6 Reasons To Use A Recruitment Agency For Your Staffing Needs


Most people know that the main purpose of using a recruitment agency is to help people looking for employment to find their dream role whole connecting them with companies with a vacancy to fill. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg as to what recruitment agencies do. Using a recruitment agency can help to benefit a business in many ways. Not only will this relationship be highly beneficial to hiring managers, but for the company as a whole. Recruitment agencies will do what they can to get everything done for the recruitment process before signing the business contracts needed to legalize a hire.

Here are six reasons why you should use a recruitment agency for your staffing needs and the benefits you can come to expect by using them. 

1- They Make The Hiring Process More Streamlined 

Business owners will know that any gap in their workforce will impact negatively on overall business performance. Using the services of a recruitment agency will help to make the gap shorter as they help to fill any open positions. 

Since most recruitment agencies will have a vast talent pool of candidates on their databases and a huge network of connections to leverage they have the potential to fill these vacancies much quicker than it would take a business individually. 

Agencies will also have access to special systems which will help them to matchmake candidates to roles on offer with the skills and experience that businesses are looking for in new staff.  They will use these tools to create a shortlist of candidates for the consideration of the business which helps to shorten the timeline towards finding new hires. 

2- They Have High-Quality Candidates On Their Books 

Businesses will get the opportunity to meet with quality candidates if they use recruitment agencies to help with their staffing needs. Good recruitment agencies will take the time to pre-screen and collect references for each potential candidate when they register as interested and open for work. They will get to know candidates based on their skills and experience as well as their ability to fulfil specific tasks. This way, hiring managers are only going to meet with candidates who have already been carefully assessed and interviewed by the recruiters.
Recruiters will deal with candidates on a daily basis and will have developed expert skills in interviewing using best-practice methods that mean they will get to understand the needs of both the candidate and the business to create great matches. 

3- They Have Specialist Recruitment Knowledge 

Businesses will grow and develop over time- it’s natural. So rather than sending an in-house recruitment team on expensive training programs so they can get up to date knowledge about new recruitment practices, use a specialist agency who will be going through constant training and evaluation. 

They will have experience recruiting across multiple industries and sectors, meaning that if an advertising business, for example, wishes to recruit a cleaner, recruitment agencies can spot specifically skilled people so that businesses don’t have to. 

4- They Have Up-to-the-minute Market Knowledge 

Recruiters like to talk and to keep the conversation going. Through conversations with candidates and businesses, highly qualified specialist recruiters will begin to understand the market and specific sectors. They will be able to provide businesses with valuable insight and advice about the market as a crucial part of their job and their services. 

Using a recruitment agency will not only help businesses to fulfil staffing needs, but will give them vital knowledge about salary rates, career expectations, the current complexities that come with hiring, and market trends that may otherwise have gone unnoticed by businesses. 

5- They Have Extended Reach 

Recruitment agencies know how to access the best talent. That doesn’t just mean filing through piles of resumes when they post a job advert. They will actively run with the tools given to them by their potential client and do what they can to find the best fit for their team. Often known as headhunting, they will make contact with a potential candidate and sell the business and vacancy as an excellent opportunity for their growth.  

6- It’s what they do 

The best advantage of working with a recruitment agency is that’s what they do. It is their business to ensure that businesses are happy with their recruits. 

They will work alongside individual businesses to write engaging job advertisements that will maximise interest and increase the number of applications. They will then quickly work to screen candidates and do most of the things needed to streamline the recruitment process.

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