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5 Ways to Reduce Food Manufacturing Costs

Starting and maintaining a manufacturing company can be costly, and when it’s food-related, there are no shortcuts as you can’t gamble with your customers’ health. You have to keep very high-quality standards, ensure cleanliness and proper handling of the foodstuffs throughout the processes. As much as it can be a costly venture, there are ways to cut costs without compromising safety, quality and production. How do you do it?


Cut Water Costs

Food processing consumes a lot of water which can be expensive when using metered water. Investing in a borehole can cut down the water cost by up to 80% in the long term. Talk to professional and experienced water bore drillers who will not only drill the borehole but will follow up to make sure you have safe water for the manufacturing processes. 

Other than this, invest in a native landscape and use an irrigation system to water the lawn. It will use less water, but your yard will remain beautiful and green all year round. It also pays to invest in low flow systems, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms but reserve high water pressure levels for the manufacturing processes. 


Outsourcing some of the processes or tasks to speciality companies frees up your time and workload and ensures the employees concentrate on their responsibilities. For instance, you can outsource IT processes to an expert who will avail highly skilled professionals without you going through the trouble of hiring or maintaining the skilled workforce.  Other responsibilities you can outsource are human resource management, marketing and cleaning services. 


Technology advancements quicken processes, improve efficiency and reduce the workforce. Although the initial investment may be substantial, it will be cheaper than manual operations in the long run. Because you don’t need to keep many employees, you will afford to hire quality staff. 

Recruiting, training and maintaining employees and at the same time ensuring they get competitive salaries can be expensive. When you have reliable technology, you don’t have to worry about employee turnover or maintaining expensive talent. 

Go the Solar Way

As you will realize, manufacturing industries consume a lot of energy to run the production processes. When making a switch to solar power, you will reduce energy costs and, at the same time, mind your environment. After the initial investment, solar energy is low maintenance and low cost. Most solar units have a 25 plus lifespan which makes them a worthy and cost-effective investment. 

Go for Cost-Effective Packaging

Food packaging can be costly because you are looking for attractive packages which are safe and contaminants free. Keep on updating your packaging options and work with suppliers who offer cheaper but safe and reliable alternatives. Also, go for environmentally safe packaging materials. The effort will significantly support the global initiative to create a carbon-free and greener environment. 

It also pays to keep your equipment in good shape and upgrade it regularly. Faulty or old equipment breaks down more often and slows production. It also demotivates your staff and disrupts production, causing a delay in product delivery to your clients. Efficient equipment cuts the cost of production because you can produce more in less time.

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