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5 Ways To Improve Your Relationships At Work


If you want to progress in your career, building positive relationships should be a priority. Being able to communicate effectively and confidently will make you better at your job, particularly when you regularly deal with customers, partners, or stakeholders. If you establish close friendships in the office, you will be happier and more engaged with your work. Additionally, maintaining a good relationship with your boss will let them see your more positive aspects and make a case for promotion. 

It’s clear that improving your workplace relationships is essential for professional advancement. Here are five tips to help you strengthen your connections and improve your communication.

Avoid office politics

In any confined office space, there will inevitably be drama, feuds, and gossip, and you must stay out of it unless you are actively helping to solve a conflict. Don’t fuel the fires by contributing or even listening to gossip, and stay out of issues that don’t concern you. You don’t want to be seen as a negative person or someone who enjoys controversy. If a sour relationship between your coworkers is having an impact on your work or the office in general, you should mediate. If your team is affected, you can’t afford to take sides or ignore the issue. Talk to the people involved and see if there is any way of resolving the problem, or at least preventing it from damaging workplace morale. 

Make an effort

Everyone has a close workplace friend they like to spend time with, but if you want to be seen as a positive communicator, you should make time for everyone. Make an effort to chat to people, even if you don’t work closely with them. Engage in some small talk with I.T. support when they fix your computer or ask the receptionist how their day is going when you nip out to lunch. Prioritize small interactions like grabbing a coffee with a coworker or replying to an email promptly. All these little moments add up and will result in people feeling more positively about you.

Be appreciative

Everyone is just trying to do their best, and it feels good when your hard work is appreciated. Let your coworkers know they are valued by complimenting them. Whether it’s your boss or the office janitor, everyone benefits from a little bit of validation.

Develop your social skills

Good relationships start with good social skills. If you’re not quite a “people person,” you don’t need to worry. It’s a skill that can be learned. Make an effort to talk to people and prioritize listening and empathy. Keep at it, and you will notice the improvements. Here are some tips for boosting your social skills. 

Have fun

You can never fully get to know someone if you only interact in a professional setting. The best way to strengthen your office relationships is to schedule time for informal, enjoyable activities outside of work. It could be as simple as a team lunch or drinks after work. It could even be an office games night or a trip to an amusement park. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as people have a chance to let their hair down and socialize in a non-work setting. You and your colleagues will feel happier and more positive at work and perform better as a result.

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