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5 Ways to Boost Productivity as a Busy Medical Professional

As a busy medical professional, you are being pushed to the limit right now. Whether you’re resources are being cut or the staff members in your practice are low, you always need to be on your A game. It’s no secret that doctors, nurses and physicians are busier than ever and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Even though you’re busy seeing patients, you may not be carrying out your jobs as effectively as you think. Being more productive isn’t about seeing more patients in a short amount of time, it’s about planning ahead, being mindful of your time and making sure you stick to your schedule as much as possible. If this sounds useful to you, here are five ways to boost your productivity now.

1.Make Sure Your Supplies Are Well Stocked

At the beginning of the day you need to make sure that you have everything you need and they are all in the right place. Wasting time searching for a particular instrument or document is going to hamper your productivity levels majorly. Whether you need a catheter for a patient or a specific record to hand, it is so important to make sure you’re prepared when it comes to your supplies. Although a lot of these preparations may be out of your control, because they are to do with medical equipment availability, you should do as much as possible to make sure you’re always stocked up.

2. You Deserve a Break, But Don’t Turn to The Internet

Try to be more mindful during your break times; as they don’t come around very often, you need to use them wisely. Being dragged into a deep hole of social media or internet videos isn’t a productive use of your down time. Go for a walk outside, eat mindfully or listen to a podcast, instead of during to your phone for entertainment.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Whether you’re a senior member of staff at your practice or not, you are allowed to delegate any tasks you can’t cope with at that time. If something important needs to happen but you’re busy with back to back patients, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

4. Start Your Day a Little Earlier

Getting into the office a little bit earlier than your shift start time is definitely worth it in the long run. Think about it, would you rather stay an hour late, or turn up just ten or fifteen minutes early to get prepared? Most people would definitely prefer the latter! You can take a look at your schedule and organize anything you need for those specific patients.

5. Be Precious Over Your Schedule

By now, your patients are used to waiting for their appointment, but you should never wait around for people who aren’t serving you right now. This stands for both your personal and professional life; enduring that small talk conversation by the coffee machine isn’t going to get your work done, so don’t be afraid to politely step away whenever necessary.

Hopefully these ideas will bring you one step closer to boosting your productivity as a busy medical professional.

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